Could ECCO shoes be the next fashionable comfort footwear? Quite possibly, now that Rosetta Getty has gotten her hands on them.

“It goes back to the idea that women have to do all they do, and while walking on these little sticks,” said the Los Angeles designer of the reasoning between her entry into the comfort category with designs using a new eco-minded, Dri-Tan technique that uses the moisture in the leather itself instead of other water, thus saving resources.

The L.A. designer showed suede clogs and sneaker boots in collaboration with the Danish footwear-maker ECCO as part of her spring 2020 collection, which was a continuation of resort’s exploration of the Bauhaus, only looser. Using inspiration from the Bauhaus archives at her namesake Getty Research Institute, she created an original, architectural-looking, navy-and-white silk print that was made into a transformable garment that could be worn as a gown on its own or over pants, and a geometric pattern for a burgundy-hued interlock pants suit with the softness and stretchy ease of your favorite leggings and T-shirt.

Speaking of T-shirts, Getty pushed the idea of elevated staples with a lavender sequin T-shirt dress that swept the floor, a white-tiered poplin day dress, and silk viscose jersey pieces including chartreuse-colored balloon pants and matching draped top that would be easy to layer — and travel with.

She also introduced her first handbag style, an ingenious piece called the Box 01, which can be worn as a shoulder bag, a belt bag or a clutch (the strap is removable) and will retail for $1,390. All in all, after five years, Getty seems to be relaxing into who she is as a designer.

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