The good girl has gone bad, but she still has the morning after in mind. Femininity and fierceness, two key ingredients that captured the essence of this season’s Veronica Beard collection. Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard looked to the glamour and femininity of the late Sixties, the end result — a blend of uniform dressing via tailoring and classic American sportswear, an arena the designers are very well versed in.

A plethora of suit sets, paired with skirts, voluminous pants and even culottes, all mainly cast in a pastel palette took the lead. Elongated blazers were paired with palazzo pants, Bermuda shorts were cut fuller, and a peplum blazer with two plackets paired with shorts (a new silhouette for the brand) created a clear juxtaposition with a subtle modern ease.

However, not all was business; a pastel chiffon floral dress paired with a pastel pink blazer, a light colored sequined top with matching skirt and a sequined cream blazer worn over a floral organza top paired with high-waisted denim offered a lighter feel to the lineup.

“Every woman should be able to feel they can and are able to wear Veronica Beard,” said Miele Beard at their presentation, as the collection will also be offered with inclusive sizing in mind, with a range up to size 24, something the sisters-in-law are very passionate about, as they continue to reimagine where the Veronica Beard woman’s journey ventures to next.






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