With his first collection as Issey Miyake’s women’s wear designer, Satoshi Kondo set out to impart a sense of joy. “I wanted to look into the relationship between the human body and the clothes, and to express the joy of wearing the clothes and of movement,” he explained after the show.

It was a spectacular happening, full of dancing and skateboarders whizzing about in the Cent Quatre cultural center’s vast multipurpose hall. At one point, fabric-lined metallic hoops descended from the ceiling over models, who then — like magic — were transformed, wearing colorful pleated dresses. Some models spun about on one foot (think ballerinas on music boxes), practically levitating as their dresses wafted around them.

Kondo referred to Miyake as a god of versatility, whose fashion has been adopted by a variety of people, of different ages and backgrounds. “I want to definitely continue it, to enhance that feeling and brand message through my collections from now on,” he said.

For spring, Kondo presented a collection of many parts, beginning with looks featuring long, draped light-gray jackets. Another grouping of models wore dresses and trousers of fabric printed with painterly strokes of color.

Technical outerwear was fun, involving voluminous jackets and trousers; billowy, sleeveless dresses, and jumpsuits-cum-raingear in a variety of hues.

Innerwear and more sartorial pieces hit the stage, too. The panoply was a lot to take in all at once, but showed Kondo’s deft hand, and flair for showmanship.

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