For spring, Judith Milgrom was thinking about those glamorous Miami poolside photos taken by Slim Aarons from the Sixties.

“I asked myself, what have these women become, who are these women who seemed to have nothing more to do than be there — women today are very active,” she said. They still want to wear color, even if they’re working so much they no longer have time to drink Champagne, she concluded. 

So she gave them color: Hot pink biker shorts. And added glamour, using taffeta for the first time, to make very feminine dresses in baby blue, pale yellow and bubblegum pink. Accessories were bright, and included faux crocodile leather purses that attach to a belt — in bright red and hot pink. New this season was a teeny-tiny lipstick case, to be worn on a chain; sneakers, on the other hand, were chunky. 

There were airy romantic pieces too, including a flower dress with spaghetti straps and an uneven hemline. A capsule collection featured prints from the photos, including a dress patterned with a photo of sunlight in the water of a pool. Outerwear included a puffy-sleeved denim jacket with laces running down the back.

It was a youthful and upbeat lineup, that included a few must-haves, including a wide-leg jump suit, which Milgrom had fashioned just-so — women of all ages will like it, she predicted. One was inclined to believe her.

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