Building on his proposition for resort, Gabriele “Bebe” Moratti’s shift to more bucolic territory inspired by the Summer of Love marked a transitional collection for Redemption. A delicate color palette dominated by pale pink provided a more muted canvas for the music-loving label’s glitz-infused tuxedos and body-hugging gowns worked in strips of draped fabric. Flared pants, fringing, floral prints and embellishments and paisley motifs — the latter particularly successful on a series of allover embroidered jackets and vests in black and gold — all celebrated the late Sixties, which resonated with Moratti as he was putting the collection together.

“What inspires me most about that generation is the fact that they contributed a lot to positive social changes,” he said backstage. “There are a lot of parallels,” he said, referencing Greta Thunberg as one timely example.

“The inspiration is not only the aesthetic, but we have really started pushing the boundaries of what we can do in terms of sustainability and minimizing our footprint,” he continued. As such, organic cotton and silk, Lycra recycled from fishing nets, recycled denim and bio-sourced faux leather all made their way into the collection.

“This is a call to action. We need to put our money where our mouth is because it really can be done, we’re not sacrificing anything in quality, we’re not sacrificing anything in the craftsmanship, it’s about researching and finding new materials and putting in the work,” Moratti continued.

A bag on each seat at the show held an organic cotton T-shirt with the slogan “Sustainable is the new black.”

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