Name: Cinoh

Main message: Takayuki Chino said he was inspired by a French sense of style for spring, “including the chic way the French wear scarves, Basque shirts and nautical items such as striped boatnecks.” And while these things may sound cliché, the designer succeeded at reinventing them in his own way. He fashioned silky scarves in white, red and navy stripes into buttoned-up ponchos and pleated skirts, and lengthened tipped jackets into calf-length coats, pairing them with jumpsuits and relaxed, high-waisted trousers.

For men, Chino showed a relaxed style of tailoring, including jackets without lapels over long, untucked shirts and loose-fitting pants. He mixed widths of blue and white shirting stripes and added a casual touch with drawstring trousers and sporty bomber jackets.

The result: While many of the pieces were timeless and basic, Chino made them feel modern by giving them a relaxed edge and playing with slightly oversize proportions.