Name: Shohei

Main message: Austrian designer Lisa Pek made her Tokyo Fashion Week debut a year ago, and after a one-season break she was back with a collection that once again showed off both her technical skill and her knack for nailing a Western interpretation of a Japanese aesthetic. While many of Pek’s silhouettes were simple and classic — button-up shirts, a cross-front midiskirt, and relaxed-fitting suits for men — she mixed them up with unexpected details or asymmetric additions. There was a loose ruffle that ran across and trailed off of plain white or blue tie-dyed shirts; trousers with zippers that opened to create slits at the knees and thighs, and a sweatshirt dress with added “sleeves” that tied around the waist. 

The result: Pek’s brand showed potential as a contemporary label that produces easy-to-wear collections with a slight twist, but she may benefit from taking a few more risks in the future.