Turkish designer Bora Aksu invited 30 guests to the garden of St Paul’s Church at Covent Garden, feeling compelled to do a physical show, even though at a small scale.

“After spending the past six months on Zoom calls, I needed the human touch for my brand,” he confessed.

Aksu found great similarities between the current coronavirus global crisis. With this collection, he believes that our generation will learn from the past and soon defeat the pandemic.

All models wore variations of face coverings. The opening looks resembled nurse uniforms, and then came a series of darker looks that represented grieving for lost loved ones. The last segment was joyful: all baby pink and blue lace, and ruffled dresses that would be perfect for summer weddings in 2021.

The designer’s China business, a partnership with Maryling since 2015, has flourished into 61 stores, including seven children’s wear stores across the country. It now represents 70 percent of the brand’s revenue. His future expansion in China will be more strategic and focus on providing intimate experiences for the customers.

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