“I’ve baked a lot of cakes during this time,” Edeline Lee said, pointing out the cake that made an appearance in her film for spring 2021, a narrative on the emotional roller coaster many women faced during lockdown. The film features a woman doing repetitive movements like cleaning, dancing and lounging in a living room setting.

Just like the woman in the film, Lee said she went through a lot of changes this season, transitioning her business to become fully digital and thinking of ways to connect with buyers and her clients.

To do this, she stayed true to her core designs, such as her double-pleated trousers, belted silhouettes and her signature bubble jacquard fabric, which she played around with by adding folded drapes to the shoulder and ruching at the neckline and the waist to create subtle shapes.

While Lee played it safe this season and showed a collection of easy wearable pieces, she introduced a new spiral-cut technique that gave sleeves and dresses a tiered voluminous look. This added just enough of a new element to her familiar silhouettes.

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