There was a sense of freedom, joy and liberation in this collection, which was inspired by fluid — and sculptural — Sixties silhouettes, the film “Blow-up” and the enduring images of Talitha Getty in her Marrakech years.

Temperley said she was going for something “light, playful, fresh and gorgeous,” and delivered a mix of a snazzy capes and coats with oversized checks, and sheer, billowing dresses and tops with smocking, gathered cuffs, fragile ruffles and flounces.

A long, sheer dress with sequined stripes seemed straight from Tinker Bell’s closet — as did sparkling rose gold knits, gossamer cotton voile dresses in periwinkle or silk printed ones in cherry blossom pink.

All that lovely froth was grounded with a few denim pieces with Sixties swagger, such as a boiler suit with a flared legs and little pouf shoulders. It was a relentlessly upbeat collection that will lift many a spirit in these strange times.