Should Earth become uninhabitable, Annakiki’s Anna Yang would provide intergalactic and off-kilter looks for a new life somewhere light years away.

Citing the 1997 Oscar-nominee movie “Contact” as an inspiration, Yang plied her cosmic reference with a particular focus on shoulders and sleeves: They came puffy, pointy, ruffled and scalloped on minidresses, trench coats and cropped shirts.

Yang said she wanted to convey the romantic vision humanity has of the universe, yet the abstract prints of galaxies had a dystopian feel, and retro-futuristic goggles and balaclava-style headgear were gloomy, too. A balloon-shaped gown made of silver tinsel looked more costume-y than couture.

Chasing the cool factor, Yang referenced the work of more established designers — Balenciaga’s Demna Gvasalia among them — losing a bit of her personality along the way.