Marcelo Burlon explored a different facet of his bread-and-butter streetwear business. “A bit more classic and refined,” the Argentinean-Italian creative director mused.

Less rave-inspired, the collection focused more on an everyday wardrobe for cool city boys who don’t shy away from colorful prints.

Baggy, pleated trousers and cargo pants were matched with shirts splashed with the brand’s signature Argentinean tribal prints, while the look of Patagonia’s hippies came to mind with fringes decorating the back of short jackets and feather motifs scattered on denim shirts.

Geometric patterns zhushed up anoraks with a technical feel, and the silhouette of Argentina was embroidered on a bomber jacket — Burlon’s love letter to his native country.

He didn’t neglect night owls pining for the dance floor: Cue a cascade of crystals on hoodies and shorts — a collaboration with Swarovski .