Business as usual? Not a chance. As this most bizarre fashion season gets under way, one needn’t be Nostradamus to predict that what designers show will be as COVID-19-influenced as how they show. Will a vaccine pave the way for something akin to springtime normalcy, getting dressed included? If we’re all still dressing for home, will women have tired of sweats and Ts? Is event dressing dead? For fashion critics, absent an in-person appointment, the job this season is also different. From pictures only, we’re more often reviewing the mood of a collection rather than the collection itself, and chances are, the more artful the shoot, the less clear the clothes. (Note to Zoomers: please send the straightforward sales-side pictures along with the pretty ones.)

At Brock Collection, the mood is a subdued take on the brand’s stylized romance. While Laura Vasser and Kristopher Brock foresee the at-home focus continuing, they expect women to be ready to up their game. They’re banking on it. “How do we elevate [at-home] dressing?” Vasser said. “How do we romanticize it?…It’s nice to push women to feel romanticized in their everyday dressing, to feel like they’re dressing up in a way that’s luxury, but also very comfortable.”

That translated into a focus on materials with a comfort factor — linens, knitwear and denim prettied up with a floral motif. The 15-look shoot features jeans and a sweater that make perfect sense for at home, any time, and lovely, fluid outdoor-dining dresses. There were also tempered versions of the designers’ signature constructed silhouettes. Vasser and Brock relaxed the peplum suit to moody effect in floral denim, and, for a more carefree look, in breezy white linen, the two equally charming. Whether even the most devoted romantic will don a peplum for work Zoom and home-schooling is a question. But we’ve all got to leave the house some time, and the Brock woman will be ready.

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