“It’s good to try out New York to push myself into a global market because it’s the city that welcomes emerging designers,” said C.T. Liu via a translator, whose brand C+Plus Series was a standout among this week’s emerging designer pool.

Founded in 2018, the brand highlights an urban and modern sensibility the designer refers to as “simple” even given experimental layers and big volume. His concept comes down to simplicity in terms of ease of wear “plus” additional factors of elevated design, such as layering, asymmetry and playful drapes. To him, a chic multipaneled white blazer isn’t complicated because it’s ultimately a jacket; to the rest of us, an asymmetrical beige top isn’t just a top but underscores a playful, conceptual hand with a unique perspective. 

He looked to the sci-fi movie “Annihilation” for inspiration, drawing upon its colors to set a moody, fantastical tone through use of lace and mesh, such as the voluminous green floral dress with underlying themes of doom and rebirth, an apt parallel to our current reality and one where Liu seeks to offer hope through clothes during these dark times.

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