“We were all basically longing for a happier future,” said Jane Siskin of the collection’s beginnings. “We designed with the idea in mind that we were going to create things that gave people joy, so that means a lot of color, a lot of texture, a lot of pattern.” And, like others, injecting an element of ease into her feminine, and typically dressier, silhouettes. 

Her deep dive on color resulted in statement looks in effortless fabrics, such as the season’s red suit featuring elastic waist pants both easy and flattering, and a couple of acid yellow dresses whose saturated color “felt right to want to do” and projected a sense of youth and joy. There was hope that when the collection hits stores, people are going to want to go out and go all out in the way that they dress. 

A big initiative with multipurpose dresses featured plenty of pretty printed styles, including one mesh orange and pink number that was cool and dressy, but not too much. A transitional home-to-outside, seasonless quality underlined a three-piece short suit and jogger pants (now in faux leather) that Siskin noted was the quarantine pant of choice for many customers. “I’m a big proponent of delivering clothing that can be worn all year round, or at least can be worn in some sort of way when you buy it,” she said, touching on an important ongoing conversation of how the industry can move forward together smarter and more strategically.

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