Fredrick Anderson wanted something “very straightforward” when it came to his spring collection’s video presentation, adding, “we’ve all been through a lot.”

The designer has had a rough go of it, contracting  COVID-19 back in the spring, and then having spinal surgery in July. Ever the pragmatist, he moved his studio — sewing machine, cutting table, et al — to his apartment and worked on the collection with his seamstress while being bed ridden. “That has been my COVID nightmare but the best news,” he quipped – “I had finished the sketches before the surgery.”

While originally he had begun in a bit edgier direction, as the world changed so did his starting point. “All of a sudden you have a reality check about life and the use of things,” he explained, adding it pushed him to once again think about what his client actually “needs in her wardrobe.”

It added up to a mix of looser silhouettes that had him musing “about comfort in terms of natural couture fabrics.” Cue hand-done tweeds, artisanal knits made from alpaca and mohair crafted in Argentina, “pieces that make you feel blanketed in comfort,” he explained. His work had a distinctly early Seventies vibe with tiers of ruffles; peachy satin wide pants paired with a matching button-up blouse; poet blouses with bell sleeves, and tight seam work over the body, giving his customer interesting shapes. Several looks had peak-a-boo sheer moments.

Comfortable maybe, but punctuated with many sexy moments. It’s not overt sexy, per se, but the kind of sexy where the drape of fabric over the body is a focal point. “It’s not flashy,” he said of his work. “Clothing that doesn’t have to scream, but if she throws a dinner party in spring, she is still going to want to stand out.”

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