Though the CFDA’s Runway360 platform can’t replace the experience of live shows, one benefit of the digital tool has been to allow brands more freedom in how they express their messaging for the season. Wei Lin and Zoe Champion took the opportunity to highlight via video the aboriginal women behind the Firesticks Alliance in Australia, who are tasked with preventing and reducing the risk of bushfires through a traditional practice called cool burning. By happenstance, the wildfires in California make the designers’ focus this season even more timely. 

They based the collection on the idea of rebirth, which applied not only in the video but also to the increased use of sustainable fabrics and reissue of past season highlights. Eco-viscose was used to create the season’s fire jacquard, which coincidentally came in red and blue colorways to mirror hot and cool fire burning, and UV-reactive fabrics first introduced in spring 2020 were used here in the fire group, where a simple beige top turned into a fire print under the sun, and bucket hats and tote bags similarly turned pink. Little dresses with puffed, ribbed and bubble sleeves were new silhouette standouts, while the beauty and flexibility behind the knitwear could be seen in the video, where all the women confidently fit into the samples regardless of sizing.

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