If there’s been any silver lining for independent designers through this year’s devastation, it’s to finally have a break and time to actually focus on design without the pressures of meeting near-impossible production and delivery deadlines. 

Sandy Liang found relief in the pause (even with her upcoming first store opening and the launch of a new category, both slated for October), noting: “It was really nice to just think about what I want for the season and what is really representative of me now that I’ve been doing it for so long.”

While customers and buyers might expect more fleeces (which she had in forest green), the brand is truly a reflection of the designer’s personal aesthetic, and evolved this season as a little sexier with cutouts seen on the front of flirty summer dresses and on the side of skirts, creating the illusion of thong-like straps. The subversive sweetness underlying the brand was also seen in the season’s cartoonlike print and the collection video soundbite, in which a friend in the Cardcaptor Sakura manga series urges the heroine to change her outfits often to feel better mentally. “I thought that was so fitting for fashion,” Liang said. “Wouldn’t any girl be bored with just one outfit?”

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