Since relaunching their collection last year in partnership with Groupe, a retail concept created by James and Gwendolyn Jurney, formerly of Seize sur Vingt, the trio behind Timo Weiland has been flexing its tailored clothing muscle.

And Weiland, along with his partners Alan Eckstein and Donna Kang, continued the commentary for spring with a collection he described as “polished leisure.” The bulk of the offering still sported a traditional silhouette — double-breasted jackets paired with long pants or shorts — but rather than the “crisp tailoring” of the past, the spring one featured “softened edges” that lent a “polished professional feel with a leisure comfort foundation,” Weiland said. “It’s more casual, more soft, more versatile.”

The tailored pieces were offered in an “upbeat color palette” of tobacco, mint green, cream and various shades of pink, and were complemented by a variety of sophisticated essentials. Weiland said the first taste of these updated basics — long-sleeve pocket T-shirts and sweater-vests — are a hint of “what’s coming next for us.” Expect hoodies and polos for fall, he said, all manufactured in St. Louis.

Until then, for spring, the most memorable piece was a workman’s bomber jacket that was offered both without embellishment in a light yellow color as well as in a black version and with studs across the bottom — a piece that showcased the brand’s design reach.

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