Jenny Mannerheim and Ilan Delouis presented a sustainable fashion line that’s a mash-up of classic tailoring, streetwear, casualwear and a sprinkling of rock. They had New York in the Sixties (cue Andy Warhol) and logos of today in mind while creating the unisex garments.

Each x Other, which works with a collective of artist, this fall switched to a direct-to-consumer model, selling through its own site and Farfetch, with a lower price point and the U.S. up next. The brand now frequently launches capsules and limited editions.

“We have this mission from the beginning to democratize luxury,” said Delouis, who explained that people have one month to place an order for items they see in 3-D renderings online. Only styles in demand will be produced.

“Less is more,” Mannerheim said. “We focus on what we are good at.”

“And what we love,” Delouis added. “We want to be free.”

Each x Other has always taken a philosophical approach, gleaning inspiration from Guy Debord, whose reading of “The Society of the Spectacle” accompanies the video presenting the collection.

In it, virtual models are like cutouts on an elaborate stage. They morph into each other, wearing the different looks in 3-D glasses. Some have the faces, or eyes noses or mouths of Warhol, Edie Sedgwick or Keith Haring.

Striking looks included a trench coat with snap-open sleeves and a faux leather jacket with fringed pockets. The presentation — and collection — are fun, with some pieces emblazoned with riffs on logos, such as Amazing (instead of Amazon) and Microstar (rather than Microsoft).

“You decide the way you want to see life,” Delouis said. “We want to see it in a fun way.”

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