Anaïs Mak delved into the archives of her brand’s past 10 seasons and upcycled favorite garments, pieces she felt had unfinished ideas or concepts she wanted to develop again, for this more grown-up, elegant and sexy collection.

“I thought about our relationship with the earth and environment,” she said. “Upcycling is also like a recollection of sentimental values.

“I have adopted a new way to deconstruct and review the notions that I used to have,” continued Mak, who worked with local tailors in Hong Kong rather than factories in mainland China this season.

For one semi-sheer, off-the-shoulder white dress, she deconstructed four pieces from the same number of seasons. Fabrics include foil-printed polka-dot lace and fishnet lace. “I kept lots of the original cutting and patterns of the garments,” Mak said.

Mak shot the video to present the collection in Hong Kong. The fashion looks, she said, were inspired by the cast. “They are all real personalities,” she said. “They are a very distinctive new generation of photographers, athletes and musicians in my home[town]. I was really pleased that this season I am able to showcase something really out of the normal casting practices.

“It’s a really good opportunity for me to show the people that I wasn’t able to show before, the environment I actually live in, places I really love from my home. It’s the most personal collection that I’ve ever done,” Mak said.