It was back to Paris for Longchamp, which has shown in New York City for the past four seasons. Going local, the brand displayed its collection in a neighborhood deli, Maison Plisson, tucking scarves into metal shopping baskets, while sneakers sat on the cheese counter. 

Making its debut, the squishy lambskin Brioche bag presided over rows of viennoiseries. It comes in a shiny mint, white, red or black with silver hardware.

Longchamp is an an accessories house, but it also makes clothes.

“The idea was to describe this Parisian woman who’s always a bit sporty and chic,” said creative director Sophie Delafontaine. Leather is a focus, in keeping with its core leather goods business, and the designer worked an elegant pair of overalls out of soft suede. These she paired with an embroidered blouse.

Another look came in a modernized floral print — a silky rayon tracksuit — and a thin silver Windbreaker, and jeans were stamped with letters of the brand. In a reference to the new fisherman net bag, the house’s collaboration with historic French label Filt, there was a black macramé crop top and a jeans jacket ensemble printed with a net pattern — white and black.

“There’s a feminine touch, but not a sugary one — it’s assertive,” noted Delafontaine, describing her vision of the brand. It was a cute and sporty lineup, with some nice, lightweight Windbreakers.