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Kett Cosmetics’ Fixx Crème palette.

R&D Pushes Backstage Beauty Results

Science is downright sexy. That’s the sentiment backstage during New York Fashion Week as beauty companies use the runways to showcase their latest innovations.

— September 12, 2008
Lady Gaga Protests in New York City

Lady Gaga Protests Election Results Outside Trump Tower in New York

The singer wielded a “Love Trumps Hate” sign.

— November 9, 2016
Jayme Cyk Tom Ford Saks Fifth Avenue

Look Book: Same Face, Different Place

In search of a new summer look, Jayme Cyk headed to four beauty emporiums to see how different makeup artists interpreted the request.

— May 9, 2014

The Three Faces of Eve

Eve Jeffers — better known simply as Eve — has dabbled in fashion before, with less than stellar results.

— September 9, 2006
Zoe Saldana in Jason Wu

The Red Carpet: The Year Ahead

Did the number of times an actress hit the step-and-repeat always result in a bigger box office?

— January 26, 2010
Joey New York Quick Results Collection

Joey New York Increases Distribution

The brand has a new look, hero ingredient and product offerings.

— August 8, 2011
Marc Jacobs

Fall 2009 Beauty: Francois Nars’ Electrifying Return

The big news of New York fashion week was the return to the runway of Francois Nars after a 10-year absence.

— March 13, 2009

Artis Unveils Next-generation Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes were once thought of as a commodity until Artis raised the bar and consumers saw results. The company has sold over one million brushes.

— April 25, 2018
Andree Putman put the steamer bag under a hot-air balloon.

Bags of Stories

Louis Vuitton gave artists carte blanche to create works around its iconic bags, the results of which were unveiled at its gallery in Paris.

— September 19, 2006

Kao Net Falls 22.1 Percent

Weak sales of prestige cosmetics blamed for 8.9 percent revenue decline.

— October 27, 2009
Jordan Weiss

Jordan Weiss Wants You to Reconnect With Your Friends

The 26-year-old screenwriter was fresh out of USC when her writing sample found its way to Margot Robbie’s production company. The result is “Dollface,” her new Hulu show.

— November 19, 2019

Eye Scoop

Pret-a-What? Exactly. It seems that the higher-ups at Miramax felt that Americans wouldn’t understand the meaning of “Pret-a-Porter,” the title of Robert Altman’s forthcoming film. As a result, even though the movie is slated to open on Dec. 21, the…

— December 1, 1994

City of Love

The mountain of bold-faced names attached to the film “Paris je t’aime,” which premieres tonight in the “Un Certain Regard” competition at the Cannes Film Festival, could result in one very crowded movie poster.

— May 18, 2006

Micys Turnover Up

The company expects to surpass 100 million euros in turnover this year, or about $129 million at current exchange.

— July 8, 2013
David Lentz

The Cat’s Meow

Feline cuisine.

— June 27, 2005