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Whether you’re in need of a new quarantine hobby, looking for a last-minute gift idea or have simply grown tired of your scent collection, the best candle-making kits present candle enthusiasts with the opportunity to reinvigorate their senses by creating their own unique fragrance.

Combining the benefits of aromatherapy with the joy of crafting, these all-inclusive sets feature all of the at-home candle-making essentials to ensure that you’ve got everything you need to melt, mold, shape and set your wax safely and with ease. Stocked with enough wax, wicks and glue spots to make multiple candles, these innovative kits also come equipped with decorative tins and vessels that you’ll want to proudly display throughout your home.

In addition to delighting your inner arts and crafter, the best candle-making kits also allow you to step into the world of perfumery by formulating your own fragrances using a variety of essential oils. For a truly unique candle, there is even the option to customize your wax color and shape using the dyes and tools available in the package.

Below, find the best candle-making kits that are perfect for beginners, experts and everyone in between.

1. Etienne Alair Candle-making Kit

Stocked with everything you need to make your own unique candle down to the fragrance and color, the Etienne Alair Candle-making Kit has enough soy wax to create four candles choosing from 16 different colors and four unique scented oil blends: Cotton Clean, Coconut Lime, Lavender and Cinnamon Vanilla. The kit includes four bags of soy wax flakes, four eight-ounce candle tins in varying shapes, four cotton wicks, four glue dots, four stirring sticks, four blow tie clips, a reusable pouring pot, one wax thermometer and three silicone protectors.


Etienne Alair, best candle making kits

Etienne Alair Candle Making Kit $50 Buy Now

2. Urban Outfitters DIY Candle Kit

Designed to promote feelings of zen and tranquility, the Urban Outfitters DIY Candle Kit comes equipped with tools to make two soy wax candles, each supercharged by healing crystals. The kit includes two candle tins, two bags of wax, an assortment of healing crystals, one rose fragrance oil, one lavender fragrance oil, two wicks and two stirring sticks, plus assorted flower petals to enhance your candle-making experience.

urban outfitters, best candle making kits

Urban Outfitters DIY Candle Kit $25 Buy Now

3. Revival Homestead Supply Candle-making Kit

Harnessing the calming and restorative properties of lavender essential oil, the Revival Homestead Supply Candle-making Kit contains enough materials to make three lavender candles. Inside, you’ll find three wicks, three wick stickers, three metals tins with covers, one bottle of lavender essential oil and one 14-ounce bag of soy wax.

revival homestead supply, best candle making kits

Revival Homestead Supply Candle Making Kit $38 Buy Now

4. Hearts and Crafts DIY Candle-making Kit

Ideal for experienced candle-makers looking for additional materials, the Hearts and Crafts DIY Candle-making Kit features 10 pounds of soy wax, 100 candle wicks and two centering devices for the perfect DIY candle every time.

hearts and crafts, best candle making kits

Hearts and Crafts DIY Candle Making Kit $36 Buy Now

5. Soligt Candle-making Kit

All of your candle-making essentials in one convenient place, the Soligt Candle-making Kit includes a 900-ml-capacity melting pot, six packs of soy wax, 14 glue dots, six center devices, 14 cotton wicks and one mixing spoon. It also features six decorative candle tines, six assorted candle dyes and a variety of essential oils to make six candles. Mix and match the lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint and cinnamon oils to create a unique scent.

soligt, best candle making kits

Soligt Candle Making Kit $63 Buy Now

6. Jiwinner DIY Candle-making Kit

Perfect to gift with its decorative packaging and bohemian-inspired tins, the Jiwinner DIY Candle-making Kit comes stocked with four bags of soy wax, one melting pot, 20 glue stickers, one mixing spoon, one thermometer, 20 candle wicks, three centering devices and a storage bag to house all of your essentials. It also features seven assorted candle tins, five color dyes and four fragrance oils: lavender, peppermint, sweet orange and tea tree.

jiwinner, best candle making kits

Jiwinner DIY Candle Making Kit $60 Buy Now

7. Siblings DIY Candle Kit

Ideal for those who already have tins at home, the Siblings DIY Candle Kit fulfills the brand’s mission of cutting back on waste by offering an aromatic solution for repurposing glass containers. Made with natural ingredients, packaged in plant-based materials and available in an array of scents, the kit comes with one lead-free wick and one wooden wick holder, and enough wax to fill a 10-ounce container.

siblings, best candle making kits

Siblings DIY Candle Kit $22 Buy Now

8. ArtMinds Simple Serenity Candle Maker

Designed to make at-home candle making safe and easy, the ArtMinds Simple Serenity Candle Maker features a candle-making machine that melts wax down to the perfect temperature and dispenses it directly into your vessel of choice to prevent spills and messes. Inside, you’ll find the ArtMinds candle-maker, one pound of paraffin wax, one cotton wick, three metal rods, three rubber stoppers, four wax pigment packs and two plastic candle molds.

artminds, best candle making kits

ArtMinds Simple Serenity Candle Maker $100 Buy Now

9. Dingpai Candle-making Kit

An ideal choice for those who have a complete essential oils collection at home, the Dingpai Candle-making Kit is comprised of one stainless steel melting cup, 12.4 ounces of natural soy wax, 50 candle wicks, 50 glue dots, two candle centering devices and one mixing spoon.


amazon, best candle making kits

Dingpai Candle Making Kit $26 Buy Now

10. STMT DIY Custom Candles Kit

The perfect gift for candle-making novices, the STMT DIY Custom Candles Kit features enough materials to make two candles. Inside, you’ll find two metal tins, one melting cup, two candle wicks, two wooden sticks, one bag of wax and a note pad to record your unique fragrance blend. To create a customizable candle experience, the set also comes with two color dyes, a variety of trend-inspired prints to decorate your tins in and three essential oils: lavender flower, sweet orange and rose.

stmt, best candle making kits

STMT DIY Custom Candles Kit $17 Buy Now

11. Dellabella Candle-making Kit

Suitable for all levels of candle making, the Dellabella Candle-making Kit features one bag of soy wax, one stainless steel melting jug, one thermometer, multiple carving tools, multiple centering devices, 10 cotton wicks, two metal tins, a variety of silicone candle molds, six color dyes and four essential oils: lavender, eucalyptus, cherry blossom and sweet orange.

dellabella, best candle making kits

Dellabella Candle Making Kit $38 Buy Now