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If you’ve spent many a night staring at the ceiling lately, you’re not alone. Being in the middle of a global pandemic and everything that comes along with that is more than enough to keep one up at night — in fact, sleep products have been one of the fastest-growing wellness categories in the pandemic. If you’ve already tried meditation, a warm cup of tea or curling up with a good book before bedtime and you’re still not getting enough zzz’s, there’s another option: sleep supplements. They promise a solid rest at night, often along with other perks. Many of them rely on sleep staple ingredients like melatonin, magnesium and valerian root to help you fall and stay asleep. We’ve rounded up the best sleep supplements so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

1. Hush & Hush Mind Your Mind

When you’re looking to avoid melatonin — your body can become dependent on the common sleep supplement ingredient if you take it regularly over time — then this is the best sleep supplement for you. Instead, it relies on a blend of magnesium, valerian root and tryptophan (yes, the one found in turkey that has everyone ready for a nap on Thanksgiving) to help you snooze better and achieve inner balance.

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2. Olly Sleep Vitamin Gummies

Olly’s playful positioning belies its effective formulations. Blackberry Zen flavor says it all — these are tasty and bring on inner peace. Three milligrams of melatonin does the job of getting you to fall sleep, with the aid of l-theanine, an amino acid that induces calm. The ingredient list also includes botanicals like chamomile and lemon balm to help you reach a healthy sleep cycle without any chemicals.

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3. Hum Nutrition Mighty Night

Pop two of these soft gels at bedtime to — literally — get your beauty rest. The first overnight cell renewal supplement boosts your skin while you snooze, making it one of the best sleep supplements. Skin gets moisturized and a tone and texture fix while you rest, courtesy of ingredients like ceramides, CoQ10, valerian root and ferulic acid. Antioxidants fight off free radicals while sleep quality is improved overall.

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4. Moon Juice Dream Dust

All about adaptogenic herbs, Moon Juice‘s unique powerhouse blend has everything needed to knock you out. Brand founder Amanda Chantal Bacon has blended organic ashwagandha for stress, schisandra to calm the body and mind, jujube seed for relaxation and deep sleep, polygala with neuroprotective properties for restfulness, and chamomile flower extract for tranquility and quality sleep. Simply blend a teaspoon of the all-natural powder into a beverage like tea, milk or hot water.

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5. SugarBear Sleep Vitamins

From the brand whose supplements for healthy hair have become a hero product come these berry-flavored chewable gummies that taste as good as they work. Since they’re free of artificial sweeteners and flavors, you don’t have to feel guilty, especially since they’re also vegan, soy-free, gluten-free and cruelty-free. Ingredients include melatonin, the natural hormone that regulates the sleep cycle; magnesium and vitamin B6 to help your body produce melatonin, and theanine for relaxation.

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6. Dr. Barbara Sturm Sleep Food Dietary Supplement

Leave it to Dr. Sturm to help you get your beauty sleep. On the snooze side, a blend of ingredients, including serotonin, team to help your body produce its own neurotransmitters to help promote relaxation and sleep. Meanwhile, vitamins B3, B1 and B6 fight stress and signs of aging in the skin while antioxidants purslane, passionfruit and melon extracts guard the body from free radicals.

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7. Perricone MD Sleep Booster

Perricone MD’s skin-care line is all about beauty from the inside out, so it makes sense that their sleep supplement takes the same approach. The combo of melatonin, ashwagandha, magnesium and l-theanine help you fall asleep faster, cut down on stress and improve the overall sleep cycle to keep you on track.

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8. Nature’s Bounty GoodnightLovely

Melatonin helps you drift off to sleep while hyaluronic acid delivers overnight hydration to your skin. The supplement works with your natural sleep cycle to help you feel refreshed and revitalized when you wake up in the morning, with the glowing skin to prove it.

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9. Live Better by CVS Health Nighttime Probiotic

Double duty is accomplished with this little capsule. Besides having melatonin to help you sleep better, it also supports gastrointestinal health with five strains of healthy bacteria. Trust your gut with this one.

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