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As interest in at-home teeth-whitening kits continue to peak during the pandemic, many have recruited the smile-enhancing services of the best teeth-whitening pens to obtain a brighter smile. Created with professional-grade, dentist-trusted ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide, Carbopol, glycerin, carbamide peroxide, sodium hydroxide and more, these innovative teeth-whitening products dissolve stubborn stains and discoloration from the teeth thanks to their powerful, fast-acting formulas that are designed to minimize sensitivity and keep your enamel healthy.

But the real allure of teeth-whitening pens lies in their convenient design. Boasting a pocket-friendly silhouette that can be used on-the-go, the best teeth-whitening pens are built with flexible brush tip applicators, which can effortlessly deposit teeth-whitening gel evenly across every tooth and hard-to-reach crevice. This precise approach also eliminates product touching your gums, which then helps prevent damage and discomfort. Each pen is also equipped with multiple treatments, ensuring long-lasting results.

If you’re prone to teeth sensitivity, it’s recommended to avoid teeth-whitening products altogether. Consult your dentist before implementing one of these brightening tools into your oral hygiene routine, especially if you’ve had dental restorations such as fillings and crowns.

Below, explore the best teeth-whitening pens that will turn up the wattage on your smile instantly.

Dr. Brite Teeth-Whitening Pen

A teeth-whitener and breath-freshener all-in-one, the Dr. Brite Teeth-Whitening Pen features a smile-brightening blend of professional-grade and natural ingredients to help you achieve a smile that is two shades brighter. With hydrogen peroxide and coconut oil at its base, this mint-flavored treatment delivers powerful results without damaging your enamel and causing sensitivity.


Dr. Brite Teeth-Whitening Pen $20 Buy Now

VieBeauti Teeth-Whitening Pen

In addition to helping your smile become four to eight shades brighter with its professional-grade, enamel-safe formula, the VieBeauti Teeth-Whitening Pen also leaves your mouth feeling fresh thanks to its mint flavor. Each pen also has a convenient twist mechanism for easy usage and a soft brush applicator tip for faultless application.

viebeauti, best teeth whitening pens

VieBeauti Teeth-Whitening Pen $20 Buy Now

Colgate Optic White Overnight Teeth-Whitening Pen

Wake up with a visibly whiter smile courtesy of the Colgate Optic White Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen, a fast-acting teeth-whitening treatment that has been found to significantly reduce stubborn stains in just one week using 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Made with a precision applicator brush that avoids contact with the gums, this sensitive teeth-approved serum minimizes irritation, tingling and discomfort for healthy, brighter teeth.

colgate, best teeth whitening pens

AsaVea Teeth-Whitening Pen

Perfect for those looking to brighten tough stains from coffee, wine, soda and smoking, the AsaVea Teeth-Whitening Pen creates a visibly whiter smile in just five minutes of use. Boasting a soft brush tip that evenly coats every tooth, including hard-to-reach molars and crevices, this top-rated at-home teeth-whitening system makes your teeth four to eight shades whiter without causing sensitivity.

asavea, best teeth whitening pens

AsaVea Teeth-Whitening Pen $25 Buy Now

Blitzby Teeth-Whitening Pen

Boasting a gentle formula that doesn’t inflict sensitivity or pain, the Blitzby Teeth-Whitening Pen removes years of stains from your smile using 35 percent carbamide peroxide. Created to deliver visible results in just two minutes of treatment, its easy-to-use design allows for an even and precise application.

blitzby, best teeth whitening pens

Blitzby Teeth-Whitening Pen $15 Buy Now

Smile Direct Club Teeth-Whitening Pens

Stocked with a year’s worth of treatments, the Smile Direct Club Teeth Whitening Pens are designed to help you fight tough stains and obtain a smile that’s up to nine shades whiter after just one week of use. Formulated with a dentist-trusted enamel-safe gel, these pens feature a brush-like applicator that ensures direct and even application while preventing messes.

smile direct club, best teeth whitening pens

Smile Direct Club Teeth-Whitening Pens $45 Buy Now

Gleem Touch-up Teeth Whitening Pen

Made for convenience with its travel-friendly design, the Gleem Touch-up Teeth-Whitening Pen brightens your smile within 60 seconds of application, creating instant results. Perfect for when you’re on-the-go thanks to its twist-and-brush construction, this fast-acting teeth-whitening system is powered by a smile-enhancing blend of hydrogen peroxide and carbomer for pearly white teeth.

gleem, best teeth whitening pens

GLEEM Touch-Up Teeth-Whitening Pen $20 Buy Now

Spotlight Oral Care Teeth-Whitening Pen

Fortified with hydrogen peroxide and other dentist-trusted teeth whiteners, the Spotlight Oral Care Teeth-Whitening Pen instantly lifts stains and discoloration from the teeth to create a visibly whiter smile after just one five-minute treatment. Created by dentists to ensure proper sensitivity prevention, this professional-grade pen delivers long-lasting results following consistent treatments.


spotlight, best teeth whitening pens

Spotlight Oral Care Teeth-Whitening Pen $20 Buy Now

Go Smile On-the-Go Teeth-Whitening Pen

Equipped to handle any teeth-whitening situation wherever it may arise, the Go Smile On-the-Go Teeth-Whitening Pen can be used whenever, wherever thanks to its pocket-sized silhouette and easy-to-use brush applicator design. After just one week of using this travel-friendly whitening pen twice daily, users are guaranteed a significantly brighter smile that lasts.

gosmile, best teeth whitening pens

GO SMILE On-The-Go Teeth-Whitening Pen $19 Buy Now

AuraGlow Teeth-Whitening Pen

Expertly crafted for immediate results, the AuraGlow Teeth-Whitening Pen is a compact teeth-whitening system that restores your teeth’s natural brightness in less than one minute. Created to evenly and conveniently distribute its enamel-safe, 35 percent carbamide peroxide-enriched treatment gel using a flexible brush tip, this fast-working teeth-whitening pen can be used one to two times a day without causing sensitivity or pain.

auraglow, best teeth whitening pens