10 of Tomorrow

Wen Zhou

Designer and Luxury

WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow: Apparel Brand CEO Wen Zhou

This ceo says destiny played a role on the path from Chinese village to U.S. apparel company.

clock January 30, 2017Bridget Foley

Lotta Volkova

Designer and Luxury

WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow: Stylist Lotta Volkova

The Russian stylist’s aesthetic evolved from growing up after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

clock January 30, 2017Joelle Diderich

Julia Hamilton Trost


WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow: Business Development Executive Julia Hamilton Trost

This Google executive leads the effort to meld the seemingly incongruous worlds of fashion reality and virtual reality.

clock January 30, 2017Maghan McDowell

Jay Sammons


WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow: Investor Jay Sammons

The new head of Carlyle’s global consumer and retail team is looking for big-time growth.

clock January 30, 2017Evan Clark

Harper Reed


WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow: Mobile Commerce Director Harper Reed

Reed aims to put PayPal in the driver’s seat in the realm of mobile commerce.

clock January 30, 2017Maghan McDowell

Apolis Raan and Shea Parton


WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow: Sportswear Brand/Retail Apolis

Entrepreneurial brothers Raan and Shea Parton say it’s all about engagement.

clock January 30, 2017Khanh T.L. Tran

Tiffany Masterson

Skin Care

WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow: Beauty Entrepreneur Tiffany Masterson

The founder of Drunk Elephant is forging a new path in the skin-care jungle.

clock January 30, 2017Rachel Strugatz

Molly Goddard

Designer and Luxury

WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow: Designer Molly Goddard

This London creator looks to her own backyard for inspiration.

clock January 30, 2017Samantha Conti

Sabrina Fung


WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow: Retail Executive Sabrina Fung

The Fung Retailing exec melds eastern and western cultures to push business to the next level.

clock January 30, 2017Amanda Kaiser

Sam Cheow

Beauty Features

WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow: Beauty Innovator Sam Cheow

He’s the one who makes beauty innovations relatable — and marketable.

clock January 30, 2017Allison Collins

Business Features

WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow

In this special report, WWD looks at 10 emerging figures in design, beauty, retail, business and technology who have the potential to lead their respective fields.

clock January 30, 2017WWD Staff



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