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10 of Tomorrow

WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow: Apparel Brand CEO Wen Zhou

This ceo says destiny played a role on the path from Chinese village to U.S. apparel company.

WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow: Stylist Lotta Volkova

The Russian stylist's aesthetic evolved from growing up after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow: Business Development Executive Julia Hamilton Trost

This Google executive leads the effort to meld the seemingly incongruous worlds of fashion reality and…

WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow: Investor Jay Sammons

The new head of Carlyle's global consumer and retail team is looking for big-time growth.

WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow: Mobile Commerce Director Harper Reed

Reed aims to put PayPal in the driver's seat in the realm of mobile commerce.

WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow: Sportswear Brand/Retail Apolis

Entrepreneurial brothers Raan and Shea Parton say it's all about engagement.

WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow: Beauty Entrepreneur Tiffany Masterson

The founder of Drunk Elephant is forging a new path in the skin-care jungle.

WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow: Designer Molly Goddard

This London creator looks to her own backyard for inspiration.

WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow: Retail Executive Sabrina Fung

The Fung Retailing exec melds eastern and western cultures to push business to the next level.

WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow: Beauty Innovator Sam Cheow

He's the one who makes beauty innovations relatable — and marketable.

WWD’s 10 of Tomorrow

In this special report, WWD looks at 10 emerging figures in design, beauty, retail, business and technology…