2021 FMG Diversity Forum

After the reality check on the fashion and beauty world’s exclusionary nature brought diversity firmly to the fore of the conversation last year, it’s time to lay out a new roadmap. The need for inclusion won’t wane and conscious consumers won’t wait around until brands back their words with real action. From examining the current level of the industry diversity, to making the conversation more inclusive, and exploring best practices to ensure an enduring future, Fairchild Media Group’s Diversity Forum dug into the issues to shed some light on the next steps forward on diversity, the new face of fashion and beauty.

Artemis Patrick and Deborah Yeh

Beauty Features

Companies With Limited Racial Diversity Exclude Consumers Before They Even Shop, Sephora Study Finds

Three-quarters of consumers say brands fail to show diversity in skin tones, body types and hair textures in their imagery, according to a study initiated by Sephora.

clock April 2, 2021Ryma Chikhoune

Emma Butler, Drew Elliott,Estefania Lacayo and Kyle Rudy

Fashion Features

Fashion’s Diversity Efforts Haven’t Been Inclusive Enough

Kirk Palmer Associates’ Kyle Rudy has seen requests for racial diversity become more intentional in recruiting — but something is missing.

clock April 2, 2021Chuck Dobrosielski, Sourcing Journal

Daniel Huby, Pooky Lee and Phyllis Taylor

Social Impact

How Fashion Can Reconcile Its Troubled Relationship With Cultural Appropriation

Phyllis Taylor, Daniel Huby and Pooky Lee expanded on appropriation and evading it during Fairchild Media Group’s diversity summit.

clock April 2, 2021Obi Anyanwu

Esi Eggleston Bracey, Emma Grede, Roseann Lynch and Rea Ann Silva

Social Impact

If Companies Don’t Act, Women’s Leadership in the Post-Pandemic Workforce Could Suffer

“We’re starting to see women in senior leadership ranks opt out or fail. So the question is, why is that?”

clock April 2, 2021Kellie Ell

Dr. Mikaila Brown,  Sharon Chuter and Sir John Barnett

Business Features

How to Avoid Tokenism and Segregation in Championing Diversity

There is no shortage of ways to promote inclusion without tokenism and segregation, but many companies in their recent efforts have missed the mark.

clock April 2, 2021Rosemary Feitelberg

Alejandra Frausto Guerrero

Fashion Features

The New Solution to Cultural Appropriation? ‘Nothing From Us Without Us,’ Mexico’s Culture Secretary Says

“Behind a garment, there’s a cultural community,” Alejandra Frausto Guerrero said during a Fairchild Diversity Forum.

clock April 2, 2021Miles Socha

Lela Coffey,  Bahja Johnson and Corey Smith

Fashion Features

How Diversity Leaders at Gap and LVMH Are ‘Operationalizing Inclusion’

“You cannot be afraid to start, you have to get after this work, it is the business imperative,” Gap Inc.’s head of customer belonging said.

clock April 2, 2021Chuck Dobrosielski, Sourcing Journal

Cathrin Stickney

Business Features

Fashion’s Gender Diversity Problem Worsened in 2020. What’s the Fix?

Women in leadership have been more likely than men to scale back professionally or leave jobs because of the pandemic, surveys found.

clock April 2, 2021Sindhu Sundar

CaSandra Diggs, Lance LaVergne and Fe Noel

Human Resources

Meghan Markle’s Story Could Teach Fashion a Thing About Diversity and Inclusion

While issues around diversity can be difficult for some to grasp or relate to, PVH’s Lance LaVergne drew on a current example many can connect with: Meghan Markle.

clock April 2, 2021Lisa Lockwood

Kimora Lee Sumons, Phillip Lim and Tina Craig

Business Features

Fashion Has a Vital Role to Play in Shifting Entrenched Attitudes Toward the Asian Community

A year of rising violence against people of Asian descent in the U.S. has prompted raw conversations around grief and whose stories get told.

clock April 2, 2021Sindhu Sundar

Angela Guy

Beauty Features

This Is How L’Oréal Is Using Think Tanks in Its Progress on Diversity

At Fairchild Media Group’s Diversity Forum, Angela Guy said she taps into the broad experiences of L’Oréal’s employees to foster inclusivity.

clock April 2, 2021James Manso

Bethann Hardison

Fashion Features

Fashion’s Gatekeepers Are Finally Open to the Need for Diversity, Bethann Hardison Says

Pigeonholing designers of color, creating new job titles without real opportunities and the need for lasting change were among the topics discussed.

clock April 1, 2021Rosemary Feitelberg



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