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2021 FMG Sustainability Summit

Advancing Social Responsibility Requires a Collective Effort

In addressing the issue of social responsibility, partnerships are crucial because brands share suppliers.

Net Zero Goals and Gains

A panel at the Fairchild Sustainability Summit discussed the steps needed to achieve Net Zero goals.

Substantiating Sustainability’s ROI

Even when it costs more, sustainability is seen as a smart corporate investment.

Reengineering Product Development

A summit panel viewed the issue of sustainability through the glut of unsold merchandise.

Heritage Brands Could Have Biggest Sustainability Impact If They Do It Right

What small brands can learn about sustainability from fashion's biggest players.

Target Takes Sustainability to the Next Level

The big-box retailer's sustainable efforts include circular design, recycling programs and incorporating…

L’Oréal Corporate Responsibility Chief Alexandra Palt Talks ‘Radical Transformation’

"Companies and brands really have to ask themselves: Who am I? What do I stand for?" she said.

LVMH Has No Plans to Take On Resale Market, Says Antoine Arnault

LVMH's Antoine Arnault spoke to Miles Socha on topics including fashion shows, sustainability rankings and…

Otto von Busch Believes That Fashion Can Flow

The professor spoke of how eco-conscious students want companies to practice processes that support the…

How Farfetch, The Folklore Are Rewriting Fashion’s Big Issues

The Folklore's Amira Rasool and Farfetch's Thomas Berry unpack the environmental and social issues plaguing…

Circularity and the Life of Upcycling: How Brands Can Look to Waste With Renewed Creativity

Designers Maria Cornejo, Christopher Raeburn and Nicole McLaughlin on the materials and processes they've…

Gabriela Hearst on How She’s Working to ‘Make Sustainability Sexy’

Hearst discussed why she cares about sustainability, the progress her brand has made, and how she's…

Unlikely Pair: Collaboration in the Race to Low-carbon Footwear

In the race for a more sustainable future, collaboration is key.

What to Expect in the ‘Datafication’ of Sustainability In Retail

With growing awareness of ESG, Accenture's Jill Standish demystified datafication of sustainability and how…

New Balance’s Three Pillars of Sustainability Are Supporting Big Goals for 2025

The focus is on planet, product and partnerships.