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Antonio Marras

Is Milan in the Midst of a Creative Renaissance?

A new energy and renewed pride in Italy's creativity and talent are helping to boost the country, which is…

Antonio Marras Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Marras reworked the cowboy theme to deliver a charming collection.

Antonio Marras Pre-Fall 2016

"The Shining" made a delightful premise for Antonio Marras's pre-fall.

Collistar, Fiat 500 Partner For ‘Ti Amo Italia’ Campaign

The cosmetics firm has teamed up with the automotive company's iconic car for a limited edition makeup line.

Antonio Marras RTW Spring 2016

Antonio Marras created an assemblage of multilayered references for spring to relay his highly personal and…

Antonio Marras Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Maritime seems like an obvious theme for a summer collection, but Marras succeeded in creating something…