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At Work

Bolt Names New CEO, Founder Steps Up to Executive Chairman Role

The one-click checkout solution company said the goal is to create a place with unlimited innovation.

CEW at 65: Cancer + Careers Expands Its Reach

Over the last 18 years, Cancer + Careers has become an invaluable resource for helping cancer patients…

At Work: New York Magazine’s Washington Correspondent Brings Style to D.C.

"Looking homeless is for the campaign trail."

At Work: The Flower Shop Owner Who Lives in Slipdresses

Denise Porcaro, owner of Flower Girl in the Lower East Side, talks personal and professional style.

At Work: Thierry Chow, the Fashionable Feng Shui Expert

The energy expert discusses how to achieve clothing zen and how she's modernizing an ancient art.

At Work: Charles Finch’s Ode to Classics and a Stylish Outdoor Life

The film producer and entrepreneur's closet is filled with luxe staples from London and the Continent.

At Work: Ava Coleman, SB Projects Artist Manager

The young executive, who manages Tori Kelly and CL, talks Nineties style and the versatility of baggy pants…

At Work: Attorney Douglas Hand Pushes the Boundaries of Tailored Clothing

The cofounder of Hand Baldachin & Amburgey updates conventional sartorial choices.

At Work: Teacher Rosemary Miller Values Form, Function Over Fashion Trends

The second grade teacher errs on the formal side when dressing for work, provided she can run after students…

At Work: HW Fisher & Company’s Sydney Levinson

The London-based director's style spans from Vivienne Westwood suits to Supreme sweatshirts.

At Work: GM Executive Julia Steyn

The General Motors vice president also heads Maven, the auto company's urban car-sharing app.

At Work: The Martinez Brothers Wear Each Other’s Shoes

The Bronx-born DJs like to mix vintage and designer pieces for work and play.

At Work: Planned Parenthood’s Kristi Henderson

Henderson is responsible for celebrity and influencer engagement, specifically as it relates to communities…

At Work: Retail Architect David Montalba Dresses for Comfort, Client

The Santa Monica, Calif.-based architect takes cues from his retail clients, including Carolina Herrera…

At Work: MSNBC Host Joy Reid on Sprucing Up Her Look for TV

The "AM Joy" host enlisted a stylist to help infuse her mostly black wardrobe with pops of color and pattern.