Beauty Summit

Social sharing and “social proofing” have emerged as ways brands build trust and connect to consumers.

Beauty Features

Pandemic Reshapes Social Commerce

Summit workshop session examines how brands can leverage social media and build community, too.

clock December 29, 2020Arthur Zaczkiewicz

Sampo Parkkinen

Beauty Features

As Technologies Evolve, Opportunities Abound for Beauty Brands

Sampo Parkkinen, ceo of Revieve, shares insights about how brands can better leverage technology in the current environment.

clock December 20, 2020Arthur Zaczkiewicz


Skin Care

Paula’s Choice Utilizes Savvy Consumers, Looks to Explore Brick-and-Mortar Retail

“As we move ahead to 2021, earning customer trust and establishing credibility will be more than critical for tomorrow’s leading brands,” said chief marketing officer Erika Kussmann.

clock December 20, 2020Ryma Chikhoune

Michelle Balcic and Lauren Jury

Beauty Features

Dash Hudson, BareMinerals on Why E-commerce’s Future Lies in Social Media

At WWD’s Virtual Beauty Inc Summit, Michelle Belcic, vice president of strategy at Dash Hudson, spoke with Lauren Jury, director of global content and social media strategy at BareMinerals, about the merging of social media and e-commerce.

clock December 20, 2020James Manso

Pierre-Loïc Assayag

Beauty Features

Pierre-Loïc Assayag of Traackr Shares Standout Influencer Marketing Trends of 2020

The executive says COVID-19 accelerated trends that were already under way.

clock December 20, 2020Ryma Chikhoune

Melissa Finney

Beauty Features

Millennials and Generation Z, Explained by Spotify

Melissa Finney, director of partnerships, CPG at Spotify, elucidated Generation Z’s and Millennials’ shifting nature, and how brands can make stronger appeals to them.

clock December 19, 2020James Manso

From Left: Courtney Colavita, Lucy Greene, Nelly Gocheva, Robin Marshall.

Beauty Features

Navigating the Era of Hyper-Content

How leading brands are evolving their always-on content strategy.

clock December 19, 2020Ryma Chikhoune

From left: Artemis Patrick, Isabela Chick, and Robert DeBaker

Beauty Features

Beauty Incubators Play Big Yet Evolving Role in the Industry

“You can build relationships so much faster because of the data.”

clock December 19, 2020Allison Collins

Cara Sabin

Beauty Features

Cara Sabin on Change Through Community Commerce

“What are we doing to institutionally drive change?” the Sundial Brands ceo posited at WWD’s Virtual Beauty Inc Summit.

clock December 19, 2020Alexa Tietjen

From Left: Rich Gilligan, Alexandra Keith, Fabrizio Freda , Mary Dillon, and Masahiko Uotani.

Beauty Features

Top CEOs Talk Focusing on the Future

With challenge comes change. Here, how beauty’s top leaders pivoted to position their businesses for the future.

clock December 18, 2020Jenny B. Fine

Tracee Ellis Ross


Pattern Beauty Going International, Planning to Enter Skin Care

The actress and brand creator shares her mission and celebrating “the joy, the beauty, the importance and the power” of Black women and people of color.

clock December 18, 2020Ryma Chikhoune

Greg Lisiewski

Beauty Features

Beauty Moves Toward Buy-Now, Pay-Later Plans

PayPal has seen increased Millennial interest — and increased spend — with its buy-now, pay-later products.

clock December 18, 2020James Manso

Sue Nabi

Beauty Features

Sue Nabi Wants to Make Coty the Place Everyone Wants to Work

“My dream is that people are going to — I shouldn’t say this — but that people are going to take inspiration from Coty.”

clock December 18, 2020Allison Collins

John Demsey and Steve Stoute

Beauty Features

Steve Stoute, John Demsey on Being Agents of Change

“Cultural truths are what connect people,” Stoute said at WWD’s first Virtual Beauty Inc Summit.

clock December 18, 2020Alexa Tietjen

Sharon Chuter and Ella Gorgla

Beauty Features

Sharon Chuter, Ella Gorgla Get Clear About Brand Activism

“Too often, we ignore microaggression and don’t realize the weight of it. But it does carry a heavy, heavy weight,” Gorgla said.

clock December 18, 2020Alexa Tietjen

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