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British Pound Slips as Members of Parliament Vote to Delay Brexit

The U.K. will likely leave the European Union well after March 29, the original Brexit deadline.

British MPs Vote to Kill No-Deal Exit From EU, Dodging ‘Hard’ Brexit

Members of Parliament voted 312 to 308 in favor of killing the no-deal option "in any circumstance," sending…

Theresa May Loses Second Key Vote, Setting Britain on Path to Hard Brexit

Few had expected May to win the vote after she failed to secure concessions on the Irish border question.

U.K. Consumers Increasingly Jittery in Weeks Before Brexit

February footfall declined 2 percent, compared with 0.2 percent in the corresponding period last year.

British Fashion Council Plumps for The People’s Vote on Brexit

The BFC said a no-deal Brexit "is a scenario that should be avoided at all costs."

The Stock Market’s Wild Ride

Don't expect volatility to ease up in 2019.

CEO Talks: Johnnie Boden on Retail, the Power of an Indie Brand

Boden talks about his approach to retail, his American dream and concerns about an increasingly likely…

What to Watch: British Businesses Try to Keep Calm, Carry On as Brexit Deadline Looms

British businesses are soldiering on, making contingency plans and trying to look on the bright side of life.

Pound, Euro Make Modest Gains as Theresa May Wins Confidence Vote

May won, but not by much, and will have a hard time pushing future legislation through.

Pound Gains, FTSE 100 Rises as Markets Bet on May Confidence Vote Win

Britain's prime minister will face a no confidence vote Wednesday night.

Pound Slides to New Lows as Britain’s May Postpones Brexit Vote

As if Brexit uncertainties were not enough to spook businesses, it looks as if Christmas will be a dreary one…

U.K.’s Luxe Retailers Are on the Pound’s Roller-coaster Ride

Sterling's journey since the shock Brexit decision is impacting high-end retailers in the U.K.

British Fashion Council to Advise on Visas for Fashion Talent Amid Brexit Uncertainty

The BFC is hoping to retain international designers and talented creatives ahead of a Brexit deal.

Brexit Britain Sees Lackluster Spending From Consumers as Uncertainty Looms

Barclays reports half of consumers worry what the outcome of the negotiations will mean to their spending.

Katharine Hamnett Climbs on Her Soapbox at Liberty

Hamnett implored fashion customers to take a stand, and urge brands to be more responsible and sustainable…