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Deloitte Predicts Opportunities for a Retail Reset in 2022

After years of unsurmountable challenges for retail, experts say the industry is poised to find stability.

Survey Reveals a Majority of Americans Identify as Creators or Freelancers

The creator economy continues to grow as people turn "side hustles" into lucrative businesses.

Accenture Report Reveals Predictions for Rapid Social Commerce Growth

The research looks at global social media users from China, India, Brazil, the U.S. and the U.K.

What Does the Metaverse Represent to Digitally Native, Generation Z Consumers?

Gen Z marketing expert, Quynh Mai, discusses the young consumers' relationship with the metaverse.

What Does the Metaverse Mean for E-commerce?

E-commerce expert Dan Wallace-Brewster explains the metaverse ecosystem and how brands can find value in this…

Boston Consulting Group Discusses Luxury and the Young Consumer

Sarah Willersdorf, global head of luxury at BCG, shares insights into understanding the unique consumer…

WWD Voices Podcast: Retail’s Responsible Reset Series

Industry leaders join WWD and Accenture to engage in timely discussions as retail rebuilds.

American Express Teams Up With Opy to Offer BNPL Options

The rollout will be with healthcare and auto repair/maintenance merchants.

Deloitte Reveals Pre-Thanksgiving Consumer Sentiment

Data predicts that the holiday weekend will still be significant for retailers, despite early shoppers.

Can’t Find That Holiday Gift? Check EBay!

The company's head of fashion shares insights into an alternate asset class and unimpacted supply chain.

Industry Survey Shows Business Back on Track

The year-over-year survey was conducted by Multimedia Plus.

Episode 3: Re-Imagining The Workforce

Success today requires taking a "people-centric" approach.

AlixPartners on Retail’s COVID-19 Roller Coaster and Resetting Agility

AlixPartners execs share a methodology to improve and transform businesses to succeed in the next stage of…

Free Shipping and Returns Revealed as Top Motivators for Holiday Shoppers

A consumer behavior survey from January Digital and Coresight Research provides insights into holiday…

Retail Executives See Supply Chain Woes Lasting Beyond 2022

The survey by First Insight was conducted with The Baker Retailing Center at the Wharton School of the…