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Are Economic Concerns Widening the Gap Between Customer Preference and Retailer Perceptions?

New data from SAP Emarsys shows companies are not aligned with shoppers' priorities across the board from…

Hammitt Eyes Growth by Leveraging NetSuite Solutions

The luxury handbag maker is using the company's solutions to scale its business and increase efficiencies.

Omnichannel Investments Are Top of Mind for Retailers in 2023

Avalara's 2023 retail forecast reveals retailers' top challenges and how executives in the U.S., U.K. and…

Retailers Continue to Struggle With Workforce Issues

Research from WorkJam reveals key challenges facing executive decisionmakers.

Deloitte Reveals Retail Industry Outlook for 2023

The report details today's consumer, a volatile retail landscape and investments to maintain growth.

Retail Executives See Recession Ahead

KPMG's latest survey of retail executives reveals their sentiments about investments and the workforce.

Ongoing Inflation to Chill Consumer Spending

Jungle Scout's latest consumer behavior report reveals a more cautious consumer heading into the new year.

For SMB Owners, There Is No Holiday Break

New data from FreshBooks reveals the building stress being put on business owners during the holidays and…

Consumers Say 2022 Was a Year of Bad Financial Behavior

A December consumer survey from Credit Karma finds a regretful American consumer as the year ends.

Will Americans Spend Their Way Out of a Recession?

EY America's retail leader talks to WWD about the consumer's response to the economy this holiday season and…

Audience Insights Data Shows These Are the Key Trends for Brands to Keep in Mind in 2023

GWI's consumer trends manager shares insights into current consumer behaviors and what it means for retail.  

How Small Businesses Can Maintain Momentum in the Post-holiday Season

Intuit's Shilpa Reddy shares insights on evolving consumer sentiment toward shopping small and offers…

Digital Pharmacy Start-up Medly Files for Bankruptcy

The brand, which previously acquired Pharmaca in 2021, also sustained major layoffs earlier this year.

Data Shows the Rise and Fall of D-to-c and What’s Next

Diffusion's annual 2023 Direct-to-Consumer Purchase Intent Index looks at the last five years of spending…

Holiday Shopping Reveals Divergent Responses

A new consumer behavior report provides insights behind holiday shopping actions and intentions.