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Business Strategy

Tough Times Makes for Strange Bedfellows

A challenging retail landscape is forcing brands and retailers to consider nontraditional types of…

Next-Gen Proof Your Business

Interviewing investors, industry experts and entrepreneurs, WWD defines the next-gen entrepreneur, and what…

Entrepreneurs Take Note: Success Is Within Reach

Despite cash flow deficits and short run rates, entrepreneurs find success, according to a new study from…

Think Tank: The ‘P.R. Girls’ Debunking Stereotypes, Driving Results

Jessica Schaefer is founder and ceo of Bevel, a public relations consultancy driving quantifiable results in…

Think Tank: So You Want to Start a Clothing Line?

Katie Lundin is a marketing and branding specialist a Crowdspring, a crowdsourced design multiservice company.

Tyler Haney on Creating Community at Outdoor Voices

The founder of the activewear brand focuses in on just enjoying the fun of re-creating.

Vita Fede Jewelry Joins Industry Movement From Wholesaling to D-t-c

The traditional wholesaling model doesn't work anymore for many brands.

WWD List: Honolulu Takes Top Spot in Most Costly City to Do Business

IHS Markit ranked metro areas using a "business cost index."

American Express Joins Parley, Aims to Rid Ocean of Plastic by Using It In Cards

The venture will include a credit card manufactured from recovered plastic and a reduction in single-use…

Eric Bompard to Be Sold to Investment Consortium

New investors in the cashmere company are Xavier Marie, French fund Apax Partners SA and French public…

Apple’s Shazam Buy Could Give AR and Voice Commerce a Lift

In the tech giant's deal to buy the song-recognition business, there's a lot more behind the music.

Zorpads Founders Launch Company, Look to Extend to Other Categories

The General Catalyst-led Rough Draft Ventures is supporting Zorpads financially and with mentorship.