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U.S. Stock Markets Early Gains Fade

Healthy retail sales in June helped to keep the stock rally going, although somewhat muted due to the latest…

S&P 500 Hits Record Highs Lifting Retail Stocks

The S&P 500 hit record highs lifting retail stocks like Ascena, Revlon, Chico's and DSW.

Good Jobs Report Lifts Stocks Higher

A good jobs report lifted stocks higher as investors were pleased with Zumiez June sales, but disappointed…

Stocks Higher As Markets Adapt to Brexit Decision

Stocks are moving higher as markets are adjusting to the U.K. decision to leave the European Union.

Another Day, Another Letter in the Chico’s Proxy Fight

Barington's letter was in response to the one Chico's sent out on Friday.

U.S. Stocks Edge Lower on Economic Growth Concerns

Stocks are lower on concerns about economic growth as Revlon decides to acquire Elizabeth Arden.

May Retail Sales Up as Chico’s and Neiman’s Come Under Pressure

May retail sales improved as Chico's gets more pressure from Barington Group and Neimans reports big drop in…

Chico’s Fights Back, Burberry Cuts Bailey’s Pay

Stocks are generally higher as Chico's fights back and Burberry cuts Bailey's pay.

Investors Reacting Well to May Retail Sales

Stocks are lower as investors react well to the May sales from L Brands and The Buckle.

Barington Outlines Plans to Improve Operations at Chico’s

Barington wants Soma to be expanded, noting the business could be spun off.

Chico’s Net Income and Sales Drop in First Quarter

Chico's missed analysts estimates for the first quarter after reporting net income and sales had dropped.

Stocks Higher as Chico’s Fights, DSW Drops and Kohl’s Wins in Viral Video

Stocks are off to a strong open as Barington Capital fights with Chico's and DSW slashes its guidance for the…

U.S. Stocks Flat as Retailers Report Struggles

Stocks are flat as several retailers report their fourth quarter struggles and accomplishments.

Chico’s Squeaks Through Fourth Quarter

Chico's managed to beat analyst expectations, but the company suffered from a drop in sales.