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Costume Designer

How Aretha Franklin Was Paid ‘Respect’ With Costumes by Clint Ramos

The Tony winner — and current double nominee — visited churches to get a sense for the wardrobe the Queen of…

How ‘The Suicide Squad’ Translated DC Comics’ Villains to the Big Screen

Costume designer Judianna Makovsky breaks down how the film's costumes brought the infamous villains to life.

Fashion Magazine Style, But for TV: Behind the Clothes of the Industry’s Guilty Pleasure Watch, ‘The Bold Type’

As the show comes to a close, an ode to the larger-than-life looks of a guilty pleasure favorite.

‘Gossip Girl’ Costumes Behind the Scenes: Eric Daman Explains How the Reboot Approaches 2021 Fashion

Gone are the headbands and Dior and in their place gender-fluid clothes, Bode and Christopher John Rogers…

‘Inside the Wardrobe’ Takes Visitors Through a Fashion Experience

The installation comes as many people are thinking once again about what's in their closets.

‘The Devil Wears Prada’ Turns 15: A Look Back at the Film’s Iconic Fashion Moments

Since its release, the movie has been revered as one of the most successful fashion movies to date…