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Outside View: In Race for Resale Dominance, Who Will Win Authentification?

Right now, each platform has its own authentication policy — but as investors line up behind star performers, an emerging market leader could soon set standards across the field.

clock March 25, 2021Cynthia Martens



Italian Fashion Sector Shows Digital Thirst and Readiness, New Study Says

Despite the havoc wrought by the pandemic, 55 percent of interviewed companies will increase their digital investments by at least 10 percent.

clock December 2, 2020Martino Carrera



Amazon Joins Feds on Anticounterfeit Strike Force

Amazon and IPR Center launch “Operation Fulfilled Action” to block fakes from entering the U.S.

clock November 24, 2020Adriana Lee

FILE - In this Feb. 14, 2019 file photo, people stand in the lobby for Amazon offices in New York. Amazon is providing a tool that will allow brands to remove listings from its site themselves that they consider to be for counterfeit goods. The online giant is also launching a product serialization service, which allows brands to put unique codes on their products during the manufacturing process. The codes are then scanned by Amazon to confirm authenticity once purchased. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)


Amazon Lawsuits: Luxury Counterfeiters Wielded Social to Peddle Fakes

A new series of Amazon lawsuits over luxury counterfeits alleges “bad actors” conspired to peddle fakes through Instagram and TikTok.

clock November 12, 2020Adriana Lee

Government and Trade

Trade of Made in Italy Counterfeit Goods Said to Be Worth 5.2B Euros

The issue is highlighted by Confindustria Moda and Italy’s government as part of the fifth Anti-Counterfeiting Week.

clock October 20, 2020Martino Carrera

Nike counterfeits

Government and Trade

Trump Pushes for Tighter Sanctions of Counterfeits Sold Online

E-commerce sites that offer third-party selling, such as Amazon and eBay, could face fines and more regulations if approved.

clock October 14, 2020Kellie Ell

PelotonÕs App, $12.99/month.

Business Features

Counterfeits Soar as Ath-leisure Dominates Online Quarantine Purchases

New data from Red Points finds half of consumers have purchased counterfeit sporting equipment over the past several months.

clock September 10, 2020Alexandra Pastore

The counterfeits of luxury bags are to be smashed on the World Consumer Rights Day.


Louis Vuitton Uncovers a Mole and ‘High-tech’ Counterfeits in China

These fake bags are no usual counterfeit. They come with NFC sensor chips, a feature even the real ones don’t have yet.

clock September 2, 2020Tianwei Zhang

amazon prime day


Amazon Forms Special Team to Take Out the Fakes

The Counterfeit Crimes Unit’s goal is to sniff out bad actors and stop fraudulent listings before they start.

clock June 24, 2020Adriana Lee

The smart tagging technology by Certilogo applied to a Parajumpers down jacket.


Smart Tags Seen as Next Marketing Tools, Studies Say

Two studies issued by Certilogo pointed to the importance of authenticity, customer experiences and data collection through smart tags.

clock January 27, 2020Martino Carrera

Amazon's marketplace is inundated with choice, earning the "everything store" moniker.


Amazon’s Fakes Problem Could Land It on ‘Notorious’ List

Are Amazon e-commerce sites “notorious” due to counterfeits? Depends on whom you ask.

clock December 6, 2019Adriana Lee

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Survey Reveals Number of Shoppers Buying Counterfeit Goods

Incopro teamed with Sapio Research to find out how many consumers either intentionally sought fakes or were conned into buying counterfeit products.

clock December 6, 2019Arthur Zaczkiewicz


Business Features

Will More Brands Follow Nike’s Lead in Leaving Amazon? Time Will Tell

Nike’s move to cease its pilot program with Amazon was seen as “bold” and good for the long-term value of the brand.

clock November 21, 2019Arthur Zaczkiewicz



Supreme Tops List of Most Searched ‘Fake’ Fashion Brands

Data from SEMrush compared online searches globally and in the U.S.

clock October 24, 2019Arthur Zaczkiewicz

Michael Kors Resort 2020


Michael Kors Sues Flea Market in Connecticut Over Alleged Counterfeits

The brand argued in a lawsuit that a flea market in New Haven has become a “safe haven” for counterfeit sales.

clock September 5, 2019Sindhu Sundar

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