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Counterfeits Soar as Ath-leisure Dominates Online Quarantine Purchases

New data from Red Points finds half of consumers have purchased counterfeit sporting equipment over the past several months.

clock September 10, 2020Alexandra Pastore

The counterfeits of luxury bags are to be smashed on the World Consumer Rights Day.


Louis Vuitton Uncovers a Mole and ‘High-tech’ Counterfeits in China

These fake bags are no usual counterfeit. They come with NFC sensor chips, a feature even the real ones don’t have yet.

clock September 2, 2020Tianwei Zhang

amazon prime day


Amazon Forms Special Team to Take Out the Fakes

The Counterfeit Crimes Unit’s goal is to sniff out bad actors and stop fraudulent listings before they start.

clock June 24, 2020Adriana Lee

The smart tagging technology by Certilogo applied to a Parajumpers down jacket.


Smart Tags Seen as Next Marketing Tools, Studies Say

Two studies issued by Certilogo pointed to the importance of authenticity, customer experiences and data collection through smart tags.

clock January 27, 2020Martino Carrera

Amazon's marketplace is inundated with choice, earning the "everything store" moniker.


Amazon’s Fakes Problem Could Land It on ‘Notorious’ List

Are Amazon e-commerce sites “notorious” due to counterfeits? Depends on whom you ask.

clock December 6, 2019Adriana Lee

fake goods


Survey Reveals Number of Shoppers Buying Counterfeit Goods

Incopro teamed with Sapio Research to find out how many consumers either intentionally sought fakes or were conned into buying counterfeit products.

clock December 6, 2019Arthur Zaczkiewicz


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Will More Brands Follow Nike’s Lead in Leaving Amazon? Time Will Tell

Nike’s move to cease its pilot program with Amazon was seen as “bold” and good for the long-term value of the brand.

clock November 21, 2019Arthur Zaczkiewicz



Supreme Tops List of Most Searched ‘Fake’ Fashion Brands

Data from SEMrush compared online searches globally and in the U.S.

clock October 24, 2019Arthur Zaczkiewicz

Michael Kors Resort 2020


Michael Kors Sues Flea Market in Connecticut Over Alleged Counterfeits

The brand argued in a lawsuit that a flea market in New Haven has become a “safe haven” for counterfeit sales.

clock September 5, 2019Sindhu Sundar

Acounterfeit Hermes Berkin luxury handbag shown during a press preview of "Treasures on Trial: The Art and Science of Detecting Fakes" at the Winterthur Museum in Wilmington, Del.


New Research Finds Aspirational Gen Z Caught in Counterfeit Cycle

Some 79 percent of respondents have purchased counterfeit products in 2018 and only 52 percent expect to purchase fewer in the future.

clock July 23, 2019Tianwei Zhang



LVMH Awarded for Fighting Fakes

The luxury behemoth got the award for best team from the Global Anti-counterfeiting Network.

clock June 6, 2019Mimosa Spencer


Business Features

Consumers Who Accidentally Buy Fake Goods Are Hesitant to Purchase the Real Deal Later

Brand protection solution provider Red Points said shoppers turn to fakes due to costs.

clock May 9, 2019Arthur Zaczkiewicz

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the cases when it reconvenes in October. 


The Supreme Court Hears ‘FUCT’ Trademark Case

The case tests the boundaries of free speech.

clock April 15, 2019Kellie Ell

An allegedly counterfeit Chanel bag, as seen in court documents.


Red Points Raises $38M to Battle Online Counterfeits

The self-styled “brand protector” just hit its Series C, so it can keep busting online fakes.

clock April 3, 2019Adriana Lee


Shiseido Joins L’Oréal in Trademarks List

Fashion and beauty brands have sharply increased their trademark filings as part of their drive against counterfeits.

clock March 18, 2019John Zarocostas

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