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Lightbox Sets Up Shop in Montauk

The summer pop-up allows customers to order jewelry on-site and have it shipped to their home out east.

clock June 10, 2021Thomas Waller

Pat Dambe


De Beers Shares a ‘Blueprint for a Better Future’

The De Beers Group’s ethical and sustainable practices are anchored by authenticity and traceability, which can serve as a model for others.

clock April 30, 2021WWD Staff

12 October 2020. De Beers held a GirlEng programme for school kids at Musina High School and Renaissance Secondary School in Musina. Group picture of Musina High School.


De Beers Group Extends Global Partnership With U.N. Women

In addition, De Beers is joining the newly formed HeForShe Alliance.

clock March 24, 2021Thomas Waller

De Beers' collaborators Ami Masamitsu, Kristina Ferenchuk and Louis Tamlyn


De Beers Group Works With CSM Graduates to Reimagine Forever Love

It will also donate 10,000 pounds to support skills development for jewelry design students from Botswana, Canada, Namibia and South Africa.

clock February 2, 2021Tianwei Zhang

De Beers' Ten/ten collection by independent jewelry designers.


De Beers Lends a Hand to Independent Designers With Engagement Ring Collection

De Beers has enlisted 10 independent jewelers for a line of limited-edition engagement rings to be sold on Blue Nile.

clock January 18, 2021Misty White Sidell

A De Beers campaign image


De Beers Sets Punchy Goals Around Carbon, Community, Women’s Business

The diamond miner and jeweler is setting 12 goals for 2030, including a shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, and supporting 10,000 women entrepreneurs.

clock November 30, 2020Samantha Conti

Stephen Lussier

Human Resources

De Beers Group Rejigs London Teams, Prioritizing ‘Social Purpose’  

The group has combined its Consumer & Brands and Corporate Affairs teams into a new, single unit called Brands & Consumer Markets. 

clock November 16, 2020Samantha Conti

Lightbox diamonds in a new bracelet design to be sold through Blue Nile.


Lightbox Ramps Up Lab Diamond Production With New Oregon Facility

Lightbox will increase its production capacity tenfold, and has signed Blue Nile as its first major retail partner.

clock October 29, 2020Misty White Sidell

Jade Trau for De Beers.


De Beers Launches Independent Designer Collective to Promote Diamonds

De Beers hopes to uplift public opinion of diamonds through a new collective of independent jewelry designers.

clock October 2, 2020Misty White Sidell

A De Beers campaign image

Human Resources

De Beers Jewelers Names Céline Assimon New CEO

Assimon succeeds François Delage, who is stepping down after a decade in the position.

clock August 24, 2020Natalie Theodosi

Top row: Fiona Hughes, Alexa Tonner, Natalie Silverstein. Middle: Ryan Stern. Bottom: Angelita Sierra, Amy Luca, Rashmi Nigam.

Mergers and Acquisitions

You & Mr Jones Aims to Become World Leader in Influencer Marketing

The “brandtech” firm has acquired U.S. influencer marketing company Collectively, which it will merge with TheAmplify.

clock August 6, 2020Joelle Diderich

A De Beers campaign image


De Beers Sightholders Vow to Go Green in Step With Miners, Jewelers

Taking their cue from companies such as De Beers, Richemont and Chanel, top diamond cutters and polishers have committed to shrinking their own carbon footprint, and becoming more sustainable businesses in the medium term.

clock July 28, 2020Samantha Conti

De Beers Vulcan bracelet


De Beers Prods Minds of Post-COVID-19 Consumers

The diamond producer and jeweler expects consumers to opt for fewer goods of higher quality.

clock June 12, 2020Misty White Sidell

A De Beers campaign image


De Beers Strengthens E-commerce Business

The jeweler has unveiled an e-commerce platform with a broader offer, delivery capabilities to 13 new markets, more educational content and features to make the shopping experience more intuitive.

clock June 1, 2020Natalie Theodosi

Stephen Lussier

Business Features

De Beers Explores the Carbon-zapping Powers of Kimberlite

De Beers is aiming to become carbon neutral, and ideally carbon negative, with an ambitious plan. At its core is the rough kimberlite rock that encases diamonds.

clock April 22, 2020Samantha Conti

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