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Tim Gunn, PhillpPicardi, Veronica Webb, Joe Zee'American Style' premiere, Tribeca TV Festival, New York, USA - 23 Sep 2018


Fading Power of Magazines a Hot Topic at CNN ‘American Style’ Screening

Joe Zee, Phillip Picardi and Veronica Webb all had thoughts about fashion magazines’ dilution by social media.

clock 2hKali Hays

A look from Katya Lee.

Fashion Scoops

Wearables, 3-D Printed Fashion to Be Spotlighted in Fashion Show During World Maker Faire in New York

Tech-focused designers look beyond aesthetics for the fair’s Future of Fashion show on Saturday.

clock September 20, 2018Rosemary Feitelberg

Soon Yi Previn, Woody Allen


Daphne Merkin Talks Soon Yi Previn Story, ‘Nuance’ on the Internet

Merkin knew there would be blowback but wanted to get “another side of the story” out there.

clock September 19, 2018Kali Hays


New York Mag Expanding Daily Intelligencer as a Main Vertical

The magazine is launching Intelligencer on a path similar to Vulture and the Cut.

clock September 18, 2018Kali Hays

Fader's fall 2018 fashion issue, with covers by Stefan Ruiz and Molly Matalon.


The Fader, Cornerstone Agency Arm Expanding

Co-ceo and founder Rob Stone said the joint company is fielding more brand work than ever.

clock September 18, 2018Kali Hays

Time Magazine


Time Magazine to Start Hiring, Continue Printing With Meredith

The sale to billionaire Marc Benioff already includes plans to add staff, but also a multiyear deal with Meredith.

clock September 17, 2018Kali Hays

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 2.49.08 PM


Condé Nast Names Editor in Chief of Pitchfork

Spin’s editor in chief Puja Patel is taking the helm of Pitchfork.

clock September 17, 2018Kali Hays

Ari Emanuel48th Anniversary Gala Vanguard Awards, Show, Los Angeles, USA - 23 Sep 2017


Endeavor Presents Own Podcast, Audio Arm

Then entertainment powerhouse already has Dick Wolf of “Law & Order” lined up for a true crime series.

clock September 13, 2018Kali Hays

NPR Headquarters in Washington, DC on April 9, 2013.


NPR Expands Executive Ranks With Three New Roles

Chief operating officer Loren Mayor and two other women are being promoted at the media network.

clock September 13, 2018Kali Hays



Hypebeast’s First Hypefest Festival

Founder Kevin Ma said the event will bring together everything and everyone the site sees as “really cool.”

clock September 12, 2018Kali Hays

Constance C. R. WhiteBloomingdale's Launches The Carousel Urban Explorer, New York, USA - 06 Sep 2018


Constance White Creating Fashion Podcast With Univision

The fashion editor and writer is leveraging the success of her Rizzoli book “How to Slay.”

clock September 11, 2018Kali Hays

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 11.49.40 AM


Guardian to Introduce Daily News Podcast

The newspaper has a number of successful weekly editions, but had yet to delve into daily territory.

clock September 11, 2018Kali Hays

United States President Donald J. Trump speaks during a meeting with inner city pastors in the Cabinet Room of the White HouseDonald Trump meets with inner city pastors, Washington DC, USA - 01 Aug 2018


Google Rejects Trump Assertion of ‘News’ Search Bias

The tech giant, which recently updated its News platform to surface even more varied results, is not about to ignore Trump’s criticism.

clock August 28, 2018Kali Hays

Teen Vogue's last print edition.


Search for Phillip Picardi Replacement Is On at Condé Nast

Picardi was a favorite within Condé Nast and internal and external candidates are being considered to replace him.

clock August 24, 2018Kali Hays

New York Magazine


New York Magazine Owner Likely Looking to Grow Through Equity Investment

New York Media could be planning to sell outright, but it’s possible the company is seeking some outside capital to fund growth.

clock August 14, 2018Kali Hays

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