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Gender-Neutral Brand TomboyX Creates Model Check-in Form

The series of questions are intended to help mitigate tensions around gender, race, special needs and any other triggers before production begins.

clock July 9, 2020Kellie Ell

Emily Bode in her studio in Chinatown, New York.

Fashion Features

Welcoming ‘The Age of the Amateur’ and Parting With Consumer Consumption

The trend forecaster discussed the need for greater diversity in the fashion industry and the increasing appreciation for more thoughtful and sustainable design among other subjects.

clock July 7, 2020Rosemary Feitelberg

Jeremy Ripley created this textile on a rented loom that he reassembled in the basement of a building.

Fashion Scoops

First MFA Textiles Graduates at Parsons Are Multidisciplinary, Ready for New Challenges In and Out of Fashion

While the new-to-the-workforce candidates could work in fashion, they also have the skills to work in other industries.

clock July 6, 2020Rosemary Feitelberg

Marisa Berenson and Ralph Lauren

Fashion Scoops

Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Tracy Reese to Address Harlem’s Fashion Row Event

Tracy Reese will be among the industry veterans addressing the 75 Black designers at the virtual retreat.

clock July 6, 2020Rosemary Feitelberg


Business Features

Mirror, Mirror: Industry Players Look at Their Diversity Quotient

Industry giants from Ralph Lauren to Target discuss where they are now and where they need to go.

clock July 1, 2020Bridget Foley

Jason Bolden, Calvin Opaleye and Kollin Carter speak with moderator Zadrian Smith.

Designer and Luxury

Outside View: Black Unison — Voices of Stylists

Journalist and stylist Zadrian Smith speaks to Black stylists Jason Bolden, Kollin Carter and Calvin Opaleye about the race issue in Hollywood and the fashion industry.

clock June 30, 2020Zadrian Smith

Kristen Noel Crawley

Beauty Features

KNC Beauty Founder Launches Zoom School for Black Female Entrepreneurs

“We’ll be going over resources and giving advice from other female founders to women of color who want to start a business or are in the early stages of their business,” said Kristen Noel Crawley.

clock June 29, 2020Allison Collins

Business Features

Bridget Foley’s Diary: Views Through Fashion’s Diversity Looking Glass

WWD asks industry giants to self-reflect on diversity and inclusion.

clock June 29, 2020Bridget Foley

Diversity statistics from Gap Inc. (top) and Capri Holdings (bottom).

Business Features

Mirror, Mirror: Holding Up a Looking Glass to Diversity in Fashion

Social justice has many facets. With equal employment opportunity in the forefront of discussion, industry giants hold up a looking glass to diversity within their companies. 

clock June 29, 2020Bridget Foley

Finnegan and Maxwell in their Boy Meets Girl x #ShowUp x @WellEgan T shirt.

Fashion Scoops

Boy Meets Girl Collaborates on Hoodies and T-shirts to Combat Racism

The line features Maxwell Hanson and Finnegan McKenna, two best friends from New York City.

clock June 26, 2020Lisa Lockwood

Munroe Bergdorf


Activism Through Art Form: Munroe Bergdorf

“I want society to recognize our humanity, to offer us opportunity, to keep us safe and encourage us to live authentically.”

clock June 26, 2020Victor Vaughns Jr.

Helen Harris


Activism Through Art Form: Helen Harris

“To be poor is hard. To be Black is hard. To be queer is hard. To be all at once is a death sentence and that is not fair. I need the future to hold compassion and freedom and real happiness.”

clock June 26, 2020Victor Vaughns Jr.

Coco and Breezy


Activism Through Art Form: Coco and Breezy

“It’s great to be highlighted during Pride, but I hope that people can recognize the talent on an everyday basis. I hope that the community will receive equal opportunities, especially when it is our story to tell.”

clock June 26, 2020Victor Vaughns Jr.

DeVonn Francis


Activism Through Art Form: DeVonn Francis

“The fact of the matter is Black people have been the shapers and builders of so many important forms of dance, food, fashion and music, and it’s time to be properly credited and paid for that labor.”

clock June 26, 2020Victor Vaughns Jr.

Los Angeles George Floyd Black Lives Matter Protests Hollywood

Fashion Features

Confronting Change in Fashion

Protests against anti-Black racism and calls for systemic change target racialized and gendered social and economic class hierarchies.

clock June 24, 2020Sindhu Sundar



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During Coronavirus, Investment Money Floods Into Wellness

clock July 10, 2020Allison Collins and Ellen Thomas

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