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Crystals, Fringes and More: Embellishments Reign in Milan

Designers big and small embraced the trend probably as a reaction to looming uncertainty.

Drome Introduces Handbags With Resort 2022 Collection

The up-and-coming fashion brand has introduced its first handbags named after David Bowie.

Drome RTW Fall 2021

Marianna Rosati's tailoring conveyed a seductive attitude with its extensive use of leather and contrasting…

Drome RTW Fall 2019

Marianna Rosati once again proved her talent with leather, playing on contrasts for fall.

Drome RTW Spring 2019

Marianna Rosati's underwater world was peopled with mermaids for spring.

Drome Resort 2019

Marianna Rosati injected new elements into the collection, such as paper-effect leather and bubblegum pink.

Drome RTW Fall 2018

Marianna Rosati used her talent with leather to show a woman's more vulnerable side for fall.

Drome Pre-Fall 2018

Marianna Rosati focused on the expansion of nonleather fabrics like silk and plaid knits to balance her…

Drome Resort 2018

Marianna Rosati continued to treat leather as an everyday fabric while expanding her textile library to…

Drome RTW Fall 2017

Marianna Rosati worked Drome's leather signature into a patchwork integrating velvets and silks for fall.

Drome Resort 2017

Marianan Rosati weaved deceptively lightweight leather and suede throughout her resort collection for Drome.