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Editorial Overlines

Nov. 7, 1941: Mad Hatters

When women ditched the chapeau, the millinery industry and WWD noticed.

June 5, 1967: The Laugh Track

Carol Burnett's next stop: the high-school hallways of “Glee.”

December 27, 1976: Heavyweight Champion

At 24, Isabella Rossellini was just at the start of her career and WWD caught up with her that winter.

July 17, 1970: Get Physical

"I think exercise is narcissistic but, then, so is all attention lavished on myself," said Helen Gurley Brown.

Nov. 11, 1992: Hello, Follies!

Mary McFadden was a scream at the Fashion Group International's Night of Stars gala.

July 22, 1976: Country Living

In the last installment of the 1976 feature “A Family With Style,” WWD took a look back at Alexis de la…

July 22, 1976: It Takes Loulou

The fabulous Loulou de la Falaise on working at Yves Saint Laurent and her childhood.

July 22, 1976: Maxime Impact

The chic Maxime de la Falaise was tucked quietly into a cinnamon velvet couch at her daughter Loulou de la…

GGP Reorganization Plan Confirmed

General Growth Property due to exit bankruptcy court Nov. 8th.

May 25, 1994: Time Management

The notion of retiming shipments was an equally hot-button subject six years ago.

Oct.5, 1976: All About Bette

When WWD interviewed Bette Davis at her Connecticut home, the actress brimmed with witticisms and bon mots.

Oct. 9, 1969: Flip Service

WWD looked into an alleged confrontation between Jackie O. and a Daily News photographer, who claimed the…

September 20, 1985: Maxim’s Impact

It was a week before the opening of Maxim’s de Paris in New York and the the menu had yet to be…

August 27, 1969: Revolutionary Rhodes

"Zandra Rhodes is yer authentic young English eccentric." That’s how WWD began a profile of the designer…

May 22, 1970: She’s Got the Look

For 10 straight days in 1970, Betsey Johnson went without any makeup — and told the tale to WWD.