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European Union

News Media Pushing Back on Google Opposition to EU Copyright Changes

A lot is at stake for Internet platforms and publishers in Europe, where an extension of copyright law is…

European Commission Charges Guess $45 Million for Violating Competition Laws Abroad

But the fine was expected. In fact, execs had already factored it into the most recent earnings report.

Trend Forecaster Li Edelkoort Calls for Minimum Apparel Prices in the EU

Her suggested T-shirt price: 25 to 30 euros.

What to Watch: Brexit and the Beauty Industry

It remains to be seen how much the U.K.'s divorce from the European Union will impact the business, which is…

Government Report Shows Direct Investments Into and Out of the U.S. Increases

The bulk of investments were equity ones in manufacturing and through holding companies.

Google Fined 4.34 Billion Euros in European Antitrust Case

Google violated antitrust rules to bolster its search engine on Android devices, according to European…

EU to Levy Higher Duties on Some U.S. Imports

Ten to 50 percent tax increases will be placed on a wide range of products, including fashion, beauty goods…

Europe Wants More Transparency From Big Digital Companies

The European Commission is pushing for more regulatory authority over online players like Google, Amazon and…

European Union Sends ‘Strong Message’ With Mexico Trade Pact

Europe looks eager to buck some more protectionist economic and policy trends seen in the U.S. and the U.K.

Adidas Scores a Victory in ‘Three Stripes’ Trademark Dispute

The sportswear brand had opposed the registration of similar design by a Belgian footwear company.

European Commission Commits to Fighting Illegal Content Online

LVMH has endorsed a statement made in Brussels Thursday, and has demanded a timely response against…

EU Hits Amazon With 250M Euro Tax Bill, Lays Out VAT Reform Agenda

The European Commission wants to close a loophole tech giants like Amazon have been utilizing.

Chanel Wants to Put an End to ‘Shanel’ Retailer

The luxury house's rights to the Chanel name don't stop at mere spelling.

Luxottica Facing Antitrust Investigation of 46 Billion Euro Essilor Merger

The European Commission said there are "several issues" with the proposed deal.

Europe Aiming for Stricter Taxes Against Digital Companies

The European Union wants to overhaul a fragmented, outdated tax code that favors digital operators.