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Fairchild Studio

Code to Customization

Seriplanet launched Plus to meet the evolving needs of its commercial partners seeking customization.

Fashion’s Many Lives

Re.Verso's innovative Take Back Program transforms Made in Italy culture and tradition into beautiful, zero…

LEGAL NOTICE: Tribunale di Genova

Sezione Specializzata in materia di Impresa.

Uncle Bud’s: The People’s CBD

Leading with innovation and accessibility for all, it's no surprise that Jane Fonda's favorite CBD has her…

Storytelling That is More Than Skin Deep

The beauty industry represents personal and individual expression where inclusivity and authenticity are a…

Fitting the Bill

The LYCRA Company talks the perfect fit.

Calik Denim’s WashPro Technology Making Jeans Last Longer with Less Washes

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis has already seen significant change throughout the denim industry as both…

The Power of Purpose

Unilever Prestige's Vasiliki Petrou finds success in harnessing the energy, vision, and voice of founder-led…

The Inventory Problem, Solved

Five-year-old e-commerce site offers stability during uncertain times

Exceeding Expectations

Afterpay reaches key milestone as it clocks five million active shoppers in the U.S.

Perpetual Learning

Istituto Marangoni Milano Fashion and Firenze present opportunities for fashion students through unique…

Wool’s Many Lives

In a world cluttered with microfibre pollution, wool - which also stores CO2 - emerges as an unmatched…

Farm to Closet

Innovation and partnerships elevate the original eco fibre.

Responsible Jeans

Denim producer ISKO discusses its FW2021/2022 collection and approach to sustainable innovation and…

Pinning Down Revenue

Dash Hudson's new e-book, The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Brands, shares insights into an unsaturated…