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Jeanologia_Hong Kong

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Field Notes: The Latest in the World of Denim

This week, we share the latest developments in denim.

clock June 29, 2020Tracey Meyers

Pride_Cone Denim

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Field Notes: A Time for Material Transformation

In the material world, transformation is in the air.

clock June 17, 2020Tracey Meyers

Environmental concerns continue to mount in the European Union.

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Field Notes: ‘Because There Is No Planet B’

Specific global fashion trends have emerged during the coronavirus pandemic.

clock May 12, 2020Tracey Meyers

Supima Masks

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Field Notes: A Nod to Masked Heroes

Brands discuss the masks they speedily manufactured and donated to health-care workers.

clock April 14, 2020Tracey Meyers

Concentrating surgeons performing operation in operating room

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Field Notes: How Fabric Is Helping Save the Planet

Fabric is now in the forefront of saving lives and the planet.

clock April 3, 2020Tracey Meyers

Wrangler Riggs

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Field Notes: The ‘No Ghosting’ Vegan Leather, Denim Discoveries

Brands discuss magic fabric innovations and news in the denim market.

clock March 17, 2020Tracey Meyers

Unifi's Repreve plant.

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Field Notes: Sustainability Strides

Fashion industry brands are taking seemingly small but mighty steps toward sustainability.

clock February 24, 2020Tracey Meyers

Restora by Burlington

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Field Notes: Sustainable Fibers Abound

Relevancy in textiles revolves around sustainable creativity.

clock February 3, 2020Tracey Meyers

Creora Regen

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Field Notes: Fashion’s Fabric Frenzy

2020 is off to a busy start in the textile industry.

clock January 21, 2020Tracey Meyers


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Field Notes: Sustainably Made Winter Gift Guide

Add these sustainably made wintry gifts to your holiday list.

clock December 20, 2019Tracey Meyers

Apparis x Tuleste

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Field Notes: Seasonal Sustainable Solutions

Apparis, Cone Denim and Jeanologia share recent developments in sustainable solutions.

clock December 11, 2019Tracey Meyers

Blue Jeans Go Green

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Field Notes: Cleaner and Greener

Cotton Inc.’s denim campaign and PrimaLoft’s new manufacturing technique are drivers toward a cleaner, greener fashion industry.

clock November 12, 2019Tracey Meyers

Amex Recycled Plastic

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Field Notes: Material Matters

Initiatives on the sustainability front are ongoing and effective.

clock September 23, 2019Tracey Meyers


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Field Notes: Onto Greener Pastures

Editor’s note: WWD Field Notes is a column featuring the latest technology, b2b and business solution news.

clock August 27, 2019Tracey Meyers

19Q3 Citishield + Winterjackets

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Field Notes: Denim, Come Rain or Shine

Editor’s note: WWD Field Notes is a column featuring the latest technology, b-to-b and business solution news.

clock August 12, 2019Tracey Meyers

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