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G-III Apparel Group Ltd.

Work From Home Really Works: Brands Explore the New Normal

In a recent survey, 77 percent of respondents indicated they would like to continue to work remotely, at…

How Fashion Brands Are Coping: Reducing Staff, Cutting Expenses

Many firms are offering their spring/summer merchandise at discounted prices on their e-commerce sites to…

G-III Discloses Temporary Employee Furloughs, Reductions in Management Salaries

The company will be furloughing approximately 60 percent  of its wholesale operations segment employees…

Morris Goldfarb: Standing Strong at G-III

The ceo said his company has an $800 cushion, a stable supply of goods from China and a plan to win.

G-III Touts $800 Million Cushion

The company expressed confidence and said it is continuing to restructure its retail operations.

New York’s Fashion Front: Working Remotely, Closing Stores

Firms are figuring out logistics as they work remotely.

Morris Goldfarb’s G-III Balancing Act

The company's third-quarter showed gains, but a cut to its outlook hit its stock hard.

Investors Cheer Trade Talks Even as Retailers Start Feeling the Pain

Earlier in the day, G-III Apparel and Macy's issued warnings that they would take a financial hit from…

G-III Trims Its Full-Year Forecast in Light of New Tariffs

The government recently imposed 15 percent levies on many apparel and footwear items.

Fashion Digests Being Hit With Tariffs Next Month

President Trump unexpectedly announced tariffs on a raft of consumer facing goods, including apparel and…

Victor Herrero Joins G-III Board of Directors

Most recently, Herrero was chief executive officer and director of Guess from August 2015 until January of…

Canadian Jewelry Start-up Wins FIT’s $100,000 Design Entrepreneur Award

The program helps emerging fashion companies grow.

G-III’s Morris Goldfarb: Today Is Not the Day to Call It Quits With China

The veteran fashion exec explains how G-III is dealing with Trump tariffs on Chinese imports.

G-III Pushing Up Prices to Offset Tariffs

Levies on handbags rose to 25 percent last month.

Calvin Klein Completes Deal to License G-III for Women’s Jeans

The first women's Calvin Klein Jeanswear collection will be for spring 2020.