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Generation Z

ESW Global Voices Survey Reveals Consumer Sentiment Toward Returns

Data indicates over half of Gen Z and Millennial shoppers will choose not to return unwanted purchases citing…

What Does the Metaverse Represent to Digitally Native, Generation Z Consumers?

Gen Z marketing expert, Quynh Mai, discusses the young consumers' relationship with the metaverse.

Boston Consulting Group Discusses Luxury and the Young Consumer

Sarah Willersdorf, global head of luxury at BCG, shares insights into understanding the unique consumer…

Shein Says It Will ‘Launch a Targeted Investigation’ Following Latest Allegations of Exploitative Working Conditions

Shein was responding to findings from a Public Eye report. A timeline of the company's success and scrutiny…

A Very Basic Holiday: Converse, Lululemon Track Jackets, Uggs Top Thrift Gift List

A ThredUp holiday report found Converse sneakers, Lululemon track jackets, Ugg boots and Patagonia fleeces…

The Outside View: ‘Z Brands’ Could Be the Next Direct Disruptors 

Hana Ben-Shabat on how the next generation is changing the consumer game. 

An A-Z Guide to the Next-Gen Materials Taking a Step Forward for Sustainability

WWD's A-Z catalogue of some of the latest next-gen materials on the market that are prioritizing…

A Timeline: Protests, Counter Protests and More at COP26 UN Climate Summit

The much-anticipated COP26 is turning out mixed feelings from young activists.

WWD CEO Summit: In a Poshmark World, ‘TikTok-Inspired Style’ Rules as ‘Zeitgeist’

Poshmark founder Manish Chandra shared how TikTok-inspired style, Brand Closets and more propel the youth…

An ‘Anti-Greenwashing’ Pop-up Is Coming to San Francisco This Month

The pop-up will run Nov. 6 to Dec. 4 on Fillmore Street in the Pacific Heights neighborhood and is meant to…

Urban Outfitters Ready to Ramp Up Urban Renewal

The resale business is expected to increase to $77 billion in 2025.

Resale Not So ‘Niche’ at All, Kids the Next Big Opportunity

Insights from Japanese resale giant Mercari's first "reuse report," including unglamorous financial needs and…

Fashion’s ‘Green’ Recovery Looks More Like New Product Overload

Overproduction remains a "glaring issue," per Edited's latest sustainability report.

Recycled, Vegan Sneaker Collabs on the Rise

There's nothing like a dash of Billie Eilish or Kanye West to stoke the fanfare in vegan sneaker searches. 

Klarna’s 2021 Holiday Retail Report Predicts Early Shopping and Increased Budgets

The company's consumer survey reveals insights into early shoppers, holiday budgets and how consumers are…