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Generation Z

A Clubhouse for the College Set as College Fashionista Ponders Conferences

The online content hub for college students matures under parent Clique Brands.

Research Shows Generation Z as Influential, Values-Driven Cohort

The report from MNI Targeted Media Inc. sought to unlock the behavior of this demographic, and what drives…

Rue 21 Taps First Insight to Test New Products

The teen retailer will deploy predictive analytics to determine which styles will have the highest…

The Benchmarking Co. Releases Consumer Preference Report on Eyelashes and Eyebrows

The report surveys 7,000 U.S. beauty consumers on their preferences on eyelash and eyebrow products, brands…

The Newsette Targets Career-Minded, ‘Highly Motivated’ Women

The Newsette was founded by 22-year-old Daniella Pierson when she was a sophomore at Boston University.

Think Tank: With Generation Z, It’s the Gray Areas That Matter

Molly Logan and Taylor Clark, cofounders of Irregular Labs, explain.

Streetwear Still Strong Among Generation Z

Nike, Adidas, Supreme and Gucci rank as favorite brands of the demographic.

Gen Z Females Spend More on Beauty Than Apparel

The top skin-care brand was Neutrogena, while the top handbag brand was Michael Kors.

Generation Z Shares Insights About What Influences Them — In Their Own Words

The 400-plus page report includes essays, lists, data, videos and case studies aimed at decoding Generation Z…

Teen Spirit: Heritage Brands Targeting Gen Z

Heritage fragrance brands are looking to influencers, "Insta-worthy" bottles and digital campaigns to attract…

Value-Price Equation a Key Focus Among Gen Z and Millennial Crowd

They are influenced by user reviews, and tend to go to Amazon first for apparel searches.

Condé Nast Italia Unveils First Social Media Editorial Project

It is called LISA, an acronym for love, inspire, share and advise.

Shiseido Targets High School Students in Japan With New Brand

Insights and feedback from target customers will directly influence the products the company develops.

PacSun Unifies Commerce Channels to Appeal to Consumer Behavior Shifts

The California-lifestyle retailer has tapped Columbus Consulting to appeal to Gen Z.

Claire’s Stores Boosts Mobile Checkouts 20 Percent

The accessories retailer adopted a mobile-first approach to appeal to Generation Z.