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Global Blue

International Travels to Boost European Luxury Business in 2022

According to a research conducted by Altagamma, in 2022, the European luxury sector is slated to grow 8…

France Tops Destinations for High-spending Tourists: Global Blue

But high-end tourists spend more of their budgets in the U.K. than in France, according to the tourist…

Chinese Tourists Top Tax-free Spending Lists in U.K., Says Global Blue

The Chinese made up 26 percent of total spend at Global Blue's VIP Luxury Lounge in London, averaging 1,000…

Gilets Jaunes Protests Dent Tax-Free Shopping in Paris for Q4

Tax-free spending in France overall was the highest in Europe in 2018, driven by elite travelers.

Selfridges, Harrods See Sales, Profits Climb Despite Tricky Climate

Global Blue foresees a flood of London tourist traffic, and said Golden Week should generate a surge in…

Global Blue Bolsters VIP Tax Reimbursement Services With Paris Lounge

The tax-free shopping company targets 45,000 visitors a year at the rue Cambon site.

Tax-Free Shopping Strong During Milan Design Week

Global Blue said the service registered a 7 percent increase compared to 2017.

Changing Channels: Andreas Schmeidler Lays Out Plans for Tsum

His strategies are seemingly uncomplicated: Invest, focus on the Russian clientele and ensure the online…

Tourism Spend in Europe Drops, Asia Rises in September

UBS mapped out its estimates based on Global Blue figures.

Up, Up and Away: Travel Poised to Fuel New Retail Wave

Retail and luxury titans are putting their money behind travel businesses.

Brexit Vote Continues to Boost Foreign Spending in U.K.

The boost is predicted to continue in 2017, according to Global Blue.

Tourist Spending Makes Patchy Recovery in October

Declines are slowing, according to Global Blue.

Chinese Rapidly Losing Appetite for Shopping Abroad

Chinese global spending fell for the seventh consecutive month in September.

Global Blue Predicts a Robust Golden Week in U.K. As Pound Tumbles

Chinese shoppers are set to take advantage of the weak, post-Brexit referendum pound.

Brexit Vote Boosts Foreign Tourist Spend in U.K.

Spending climbed 7 percent in July on weaker pound.